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SoyDelGlobo Wins The Second Ever PokerStars MicroMillions Main Event

SoyDelGlobo Wins The Second Ever PokerStars MicroMillions Main Event

Ten days of rapid online micro-limit poker have now finally passed, the culmination of which was seen in the Main Event on Sunday. Having already known about 99 winners from the 100 tournaments, it was just this one we were left waiting for.

During the MicroMillions we had already seen many four and even some five figure winning cash outs, they were all extremely generous prizes but nothing that could really be compared to what was on offer in the Main Event.

The MicroMillions is the event that could turn a rather small sum of $22 into some real life changing amounts of cash. Dreams could be made; this was the MicroMillions Main Event.

The prize pool was a guaranteed at a mind boggling $1 million, though as was the trend through MicroMillions the guarantee was well and truly smashed. A huge field totaling 65,063 entered the tournament, enhancing the prize pool to a whopping $1,301,260. This meant that the eventual winner would pick up $166,210,057, all for just 20 odd bucks.

In total 8,505 players would walk away with some kind of payout, with anyone in that bracket actually making a profit on their buy-in. The minimum payout was $52.05, the player who some would call lucky to actually make it into 8,506th place was a Russian player by the name of “REFREGERA540”.

There were also many Team PokerStars Pro members throughout the field, all looking to grab a slice of the pie, players such as Victor Ramdin, Jude Ainsworth and Toni Judet. Most missed the cash though, in fact only three of them made the money. Nacho Barbero took home a minimum payout in 6,487th, Adrienne Rowsome won $91 for her troubles and ranked 2,196th. It was Dutchman Marcel Luske who did the best for Team PokerStars Pro by finishing in 557th place, winning $151,15.

The Final Table Looked Like This:


Seat 1 :smellmuth (32,983,672 in chips)

Seat 2: Mr oO12 (39,554,195 in chips)

Seat 3: SoyDelGlobo (69,389,367 in chips)

Seat 4: cokars (59,727,592 in chips)

Seat 5: I_call_U_22 (44,555,196 in chips)

Seat 6: ankara733 (123,430,760 in chips)

Seat 7: $trateGema (108,286,607 in chips)

Seat 8: Kuconi (123,593,344 in chips)

Seat 9: miu004 (49,109,267 in chips)

Heads Up

SoyDelGlobo and cokars were the final two players left at the table, though SoyDelGlobo almost had double the chip count at 398,247,720. The players agreed to take a chopped deal after realizing the blinds were so low in comparison to their stacks that it would take a long time to make any head way. They chopped and agreed to play out for the remaining 20k. Just a couple of hands later the game was over, cokers raised, SoyDelGlobo went all in and cokars called.

It was SoyDelGlobo’s 44 vs. cokers A8 in a straight race. The hand was over on the flop bar a miracle as another 4 hit, well the miracle never came as another four came out to give SoyDelGlobo quads and the tournament.

He walked with a total amount of $157,218,68 whilst cokers will be more than happy with $130,711,75.

A stunning series and a stunning Main Event, we already cannot wait for the next one next year!



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