Spooky Happenings On The Isle Of Man


The PokerStars UK & Ireland Poker Tour has been providing us with plenty of tricks and treats at the poker tables throughout the last week but it was tricking and treating of a different kind that got the players in the groove at the PokerStars party last night.

PokerStars has been holding an event near to where their headquarters are for the very first time and have made sure that many of their PokerStars Team Pros have shown up to take part in both the event and of course the celebrations.

Many players quickly went about sharing their excitement at the party to be held, which included many prizes being handed out.




Once the party got started, the fun and mayhem quickly followed as the obvious Halloween theme got everybody in the mood to party. Through tweets and instagram pictures from a number of players it certainly does look like it was a night to remember.




The players that are still in the event may be regretting partying last night as they are playing out Day 2 as we speak, we will see if any of them do in fact let the nights antics affect their play at the tables in our report of the event a little later.