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“SrslySirius” Releases Part Two Of High Society (vid)

shutterstock_121568626A couple of days ago, poker playing artist “SrslySirius” followed on from the acclaim he got from poker players for the job he did on releasing High Society by putting together a second installment for us all to enjoy.

This one moved to having a laugh at Allen Kessler, whilst it also starred Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth.

The brunt of the story is that Allen Kessler decides to fight back against players making fun of him on the internet by creating his very own poker rankings system in which he is on top, ahead of the likes of Phil Hellmuth.

This is all done for his search for respect in the poker industry, yet he finds that his plan is full of quite a few holes and inevitably goes horribly wrong.

At least it seems Kessler has taken it in good humour, even Tweeting it out himself:

Take a look at the video for yourselves right here:

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