Stapleton Takes On Boeree For A Second Time (vid)

Liv Boeree

So we have seen Liv Boeree vs Joe Stapleton and we now have the potential of seeing her face being licked by a horse (we kid you not!). If you did not see the previous article in which Boeree went heads up against Stapleton for PokerStars new video series, we suggest you go and take a look. And you should definitely check out how she lives the life.

The series sees Joe Stapleton undergoing a number of challenges against PokerStars Team Pros, with the loser of each challenge having to undergo a forfeit. Boeree came out on top in the last instalment after beating a rather lame effort from Stapleton through an obstacle course, though he did have the last laugh after dumping Liv to the ground in a puddle of mud.

On this occasion Stapleton comes back for more and delivers a rocket building challenge to the popular British poker player. During a short pre-challenge interview, Boeree talks us through her big European Poker Tour win at San Remo in which she decided right at the last minute to take part in.

She talks about buying into a satellite, binking a seat in the event and then going all the way to win what was then the biggest payout received by a winner on the EPT. She also tells us a little bit about her pets, especially her first horse Bella whom she had to sell when going through University though she was able to buy her back when she made a name for herself.

Regarding the challenge itself, you will have to watch for yourselves to see who comes out on top but we can promise it is entertaining stuff.

As you can see, it is certainly an entertaining series and a great way for fans to see their favourite poker players and get to know the people behind the poker faces. We wonder who will be next, Negreanu?, Grospellier?, Toby Lewis? Whoever it is, we will be certain to bring the episode to you as soon as we are able to have access to it ourselves.