Sticking to the fundamentals of solid poker play

poker table

Many people hear the term “solid poker” and deem it to be unimaginative and break even play played by the masses. In actual fact “solid poker” is essential these days in order to get ahead. The cost of making a mistake these days is much more severe than what it was a few years ago. This is for the simple reason being that your opponents no longer throw money away in the same quantity that they used to. A few years ago there were numerous players buying in for deep stacks or sitting on deep stacks who didn’t have the necessary skill to be able to handle a stack of that depth.

So this led to players stacking off in situations that simply didn’t merit it. A simple sit and wait style produced a very high earn rate and this is why set mining was so popular. If you called an early position raiser with say pocket sixes then you knew that if they held aces or kings or they made top pair and top kicker with a hand like A-K that the chances were good that they would stack off with it.

This doesn’t apply anymore and now we need to stick to the core fundamentals of good solid poker play all the time. These days my goals in poker in terms of earnings are much more sedate than what they used to be. A few years ago when I multi-tabled then I would get irritated if I didn’t have a winning session. I would also become very upset if I didn’t have a winning week. However these are such short time frames that winning simply isn’t possible.

These days my goals are simply to play good patient solid poker and not to try to do anything special. It is almost like a chess player that is simply reacting to the play of his opponent and isn’t taking any risks or trying overly hard to make something happen. Sometimes this puts a strain on your opponent and if they are the first to break the tension by looking to force the issue then you can snap them off.

Players are trying to force the issue too much these days and are focused too strongly on immediate short term success when most of the time it simply isn’t possible. Poker is more about patience these days than anything else. The speed at which you can move in and out of online poker games means that many players are playing with insufficient levels of patience and discipline.

This means that many players play well for a while but then become impatient that nothing is happening and look to force the issue. These days I make the process of making money a yearly one and this helps me to be able to look at the bigger long term picture and that doesn’t involve making money in any one individual session. All that matters for me when I have this mind-set is making good solid poker decisions.