Sulsky Claws Some Back Against Polk In Head-Up Challenge

opposing heads

The battle continues between Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky and Doug “WCGRider” Polk as they completed the third part of their heads up challenge yesterday. The pair agreed to this high profile challenge a couple of weeks ago with each of them agreeing to play 15,000 hands against each other throughout this month. The winner of the challenge walks away with all of the winnings from the challenge and another $100k on top from a side bet made between the pair.

The first two sessions saw “WCGRider” push himself into a $400k lead, but this session saw the first victory for “Sauce1234” as he walked away after 2,232 hands with a profit of $97k.

They are now around 40% of the way through the challenge now and Polk still has a lead of around $300k. However, if Sulsky can string another couple of winning days together, we could really be in for a close end to the contest.

How The Session Went

The session started with both players playing quite cagey and in fact after three hours there was nothing really between them. A further twenty minutes down the line however and Sulsky won a couple of big pots to push himself into the lead of around $29k.

They carried on playing for another five hours and during that time Sulsky managed to further increase his lead bit by bit.

Despite coming out on top in this session, it was Polk that secured the biggest pot during it. He claimed a pot of $62.1k after flopping top pair and getting maximum value out of his opponent. Sulsky won a big pot of his own though as he claimed $56k when he showed some intended weakness on the river to encourage his opponent to shove after turning a straight.

This leaves us with just 9,000 more hands to complete, which could all be done in just another two or three sessions at the tables. The neutrals will be hoping that Sulsky can make the game even closer so that there is an intense finale at the end.

According to Polk, the next session will be starting tomorrow. We will be watching in anticipation at the session and will bring you a report as soon as it is completed.