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From the Brink of Elimination to Sunday Million Winner

shutterstock_97543529“VanDobeln” showed just how the short stack can come back and take the victory as did Jonathan Duhamel in his amazing 2010 WSOP Main Even Victory.
This week’s Sunday Million had 8,173 entrants building up another massive prize pool of $1,634,000 that paid out 1,170 place from the bubble. There were plenty of pros in the action including  Liv Boeree from the UK and the well-known Theo Jorgensen was also involved in the action. Randy “nanonoko” Lew was another star seen at the tables and he should have gone deeper, had his pocket kings not been cracked wide open by a Kh-Qd hole hand,connecting with a straight on the flop and sent him rail side in 113th position deep into the bubble.

As the blinds crept up to the 150k/300k mark in the tournament, we were one player off the final table. Once again it was the pocket Kings involved in a deciding hand, but this time they ran through the board with “Holly17” surviving and sending “KPOBHbIE_$” out in tenth, disappointingly just missing out on the last 9.

On the very first hand of the final table “maerti” was taken out with his 6,549,859 easily covered by “VanDobeln”, who had 9,592,587. “maerti” was called down after trying to bluff with only a gut shot as his get out of jail free card, but this wasn’t enough as he fired a 3.22 million all-in raise on the river only for “VanDobeln” to call and turn over two pair, revealing his Ah-Jd hole cards had both connected with the flop, while “maerti” was left showing his Qd-Td failed gut shot to a board that read As-Jc-3d-5c-5d. “maerti” was clearly going for the win with an aggressive attitude, which he probably decided over the break, but the risk didn’t pay off and he walked with $12,668.15.

“LilBulldog16” dropped next with wired Tens to “TroizeN” wired Aces as both players flipped the cards. “TroizeN”’s good fortune kept his tournament alive until he was run out in 4th place when he later ran into pocket pairs himself, but this time it was “VanDobeln” with Jh-Jc filling in a full house after the flop produced 9h-9s-9c with “TroizeN” drawing dead after the turn showed 7h to his Ah-5h hand.
“VanDobeln” then took the lead by knocking out “holly17”’s pocket sevens. “VanDobeln” had already landed a King by the flop and then improved to three-of-a-kind on the river. By the time it was heads-up there was no deal mentioned. “VanDobeln” play had remained firm that he would play his chip lead all the way to the $245,193.87 pay off.

An amazing win for “VanDobeln” after he was only 12% favourite halfway through the final table at risk, but he pulled out the hand that saw him rise to the finish line and collect this week’s Sunday Million title.

Final Table Pay-Outs and Results

1st – “VanDobeln” from Finland – $245,193.87
2nd – “Zolisza” from Hungary – $179,806.00
3rd – “holly17” from United Kingdom – $122,595.00
4th – “TroizeN” from Canada – $82,383.84
5th – “Gabiru01” from Brazil – $65,384.00
6th – “Karagounis10” from Chile – $49,038.00
7th – “Pompaaci” from Germany – $32,692.00
8th – “LilBulldog16” from Canada – $18,797.90
9th – “maerti” from Norway – $12,668.15

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