Sunday Warm Up and Sunday Million -1710 players cash in

Sunday Million Anniversary

Sundays are always big days for poker players and those who have an account with PokerStars have two major tournaments to anxiously wait for. The Sunday Warm Up has a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000 but this weekend it was surpassed as a result of 3678 players buying in. 540 of them were guaranteed to finish in the money, and the nine who made the final table had an excellent chance of winning five digit amounts, with the winner to receive $150,000.

The final table featured nine players as always, but this time nobody had in excess of 10 million chips, while the short stackers were still comfortably above the 1 million chips threshold. As a result, the competition was intense and it took a while before the two players from Switzerland were sent to the rail. “Ayno Why” from the Dominican Republic and “seymouraces” lasted for one more hour, while “P0KERDUUDE” and “tollefishy” were the last to be eliminated before the heads-up began.

The two players started with the deepest stacks at the beginning of the day but it was “vossiman” from Germany and Jon “LUFCBas” Spinks from the United Kingdom that fought for the first prize. In only 3 minutes the winner was decided and Jon Spinks took home $115,000.

  1. Jon “LUFCBas” Spinks – $115,490
  2. vossiman – $86,065
  3. tollefishy – $60,687
  4. P0KERDUUDE – $42,297
  5. KingKobeMVP – $31,263
  6. seymouraces – $23,907
  7. Ayno Why – $16,551
  8. Michael ‘RichieRichZH’ Friedrich – $9,195
  9. ado06 – $5,884

The highlight of the day was the Sunday Million, a tournament that once again exceeded expectations and had a total prize pool of almost $1.6 million. 7972 players bought in and 1170 of them finished in the money, with Norwegian “martyyy” to win the event. He made the final table with the deepest stack, followed closely by Lithuania’s [email protected] and a Brazilian player that goes by the name of “bubbleboybr”

The deep stacks played aggressive poker from the very beginning and caused the swift elimination from the race of four players. “dimjyri” from Greece played more conservative poker and his strategy paid off as he finished fifth, just a couple of hands before the Lithuanian player was also sent to the rail. “el diegote10” from Uruguay was unlucky to be eliminated in third when “martyyy” improved his pair of nines to a set on the river.

When the heads-up began, the Norwegian player had almost 10 times more chips than his Brazilian opponent and he gave him no chance of turning the tables. He shoved his chips in the middle with a better hand and his cards held, which made him $239,000 richer.

  1.  martyyy – $239,164
  2.  bubbleboybr – $175,384
  3. el diegote10 – $119,580
  4. [email protected] – $80,357
  5. dimjyri – $63,776
  6. Loysh – $47,832
  7. DwnByDaBrdge – $31,888
  8. przem77 – $18,335
  9. smily1208 – $12,356