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Super Tuesday Allinpri Takes the nearly $99k Prize


Yesterday’s PokerStars’ Super Tuesday paid out $98,793.75 to the winner after both players of the heads-up made a deal.

All in all, you probably might have guessed, 585 players registered for the $1050 buy-in, building up an extra $285k on top of the $300k already guaranteed. The bubble was set at place number 72 in which it took a full five and a half hours to finally burst through with Grindation, who was eventually pushed out in 26th place, the chip leader holding 200k.

It took another two hours to thin the field to just 18 with the excitement of a final table appearance too much for the likes of OffpoZition and Gladiator77 who both dropped the quickest in 17th and 18th respectively, taking $3,510 a piece giving them both more than triple ROI. If they had held on another one hour and fifteen they may have been on the final table, but their names were of course absent from the last 9.

The Final Table

1st – Seat 9 – Allinpri of Brazil = 619,871

2nd – Seat 8 – Nick “FU_15” Mamoine of Honduras = 578,590

3rd – Seat 4 – PIUlimeira of Brazil = 554,816

4th – Seat 7 – Mike “StrungOut1” Wasserman of Mexico = 263,764

5th – Seat 3 – Legenden of Belarus = 219,661

6th -Seat 2 – Caio “caio_pimenta” Pimenta of Brazil = 213,691

7th – Seat 1 – proFISHnal of India = 174,283

8th – Seat 6 – KrazyKiddo of the UK = 156,755

9th – Seat 5 – PaDiLhA SP of Brazil = 143,569

The final table only had two challengers not from South America as the table was mostly dominated by Brazilians. Actually, two of the players in the list were pros; Mike “StrungOut1” Wasserman of USA playing from Mexico and Nick “FU_15” Mamoine also of the USA playing from Honduras. Both players moved to South America to continue their online poker professions after the new US restrictions came in 2 years ago.

Mike Wasserman was looking good after he took out 5th chip leader Legenden after the third hand was dealt. Wasserman started raising and re-raising until Legenden pushed with Ad-Kh, to which Wasserman called with Jd-Jc giving him the group 1 cards versus A-K off suit rated as group 2 hole cards. After a tense flop, turn and river Wassrman took the pot with trip Jacks. 9d-6d-Th-Js-Kd.

The play continued to flow with PaDiLhA dropping out next after his pocket twos almost held up against Allinpri’s Ac-Qd hand, but the Ace came out on the river. Next to go was the only Asian on the final table after a good run leaving only one outsider from the UK with the table remaining as a South American set-up.

Eventually, things heated up and the heads-up match was on with both Allinpri (1,483,895) and KrazyKiddo (1,441,105) making a deal on the remaining 1st and 2nd place prize pool. A sensible move considering they were evenly stacked. They agreed on $92,793.75 a piece and the heads-up match would be played out for the remaining $6k.

It wasn’t long before the pair were in an all-in situation as Allinpri had Kc-Qc versus KrazyKiddo’s Ad-6c. Things were in Allinpri’s favour with the flop brushing the table with 9h-Kh-6d. The turn had no good news to offer KrazyKiddo who was now at risk after a 9d came. Allinpri took down the remaining 6k as the river busted out KrazyKiddo with a Th with help.

The Final Results

1st – Seat 9 – Allinpri of Brazil = $98,793.75

2nd – Seat 6 – KrazyKiddo of the UK = $92,793.75

3rd – Seat 7 – Mike “StrungOut1” Wasserman of Mexico = $59,670.00

4th – Seat 4 – PIUlimeira of Brazil = $45,045.00

5th – Seat 8 – Nick “FU_15” Mamoine of Honduras = $31,590.00

6th -Seat 2 – Caio “caio_pimenta” Pimenta of Brazil = $24,862.50

7th – Seat 1 – proFISHnal of India = $19,012.50

8th – Seat 5 – PaDiLhA SP of Brazil = $13,162.50

9th – Seat 3 – Legenden of Belarus = $8,950.50





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