Super Tuesday – “Heilku” Slays WSOP Winner Heads Up


It’s been a busy week over at PokerStars, what with the MicroMillions series playing out, yet the PokerStars Super Tuesday still managed to attract a hefty field to its virtual felt. There were 579 players in total that parted ways with the $1,050 buy-in, creating a prize pool of $579,000.00 to be shared among the top 72 places.

There were some big names that were part of that field, with the likes of Bryn Kenney, David Vamplew, PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody and a player that had a massive part in this event in two time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and former winner of this event Mark “AceSpades11” Radoja.

He was top when he tweeted that and was still top when the event found its way down to the final table of nine. He wasn’t too far ahead of “heilkuh” in second place though and it was these two that would eventually battle it out during heads up.

The Final Table Seating And Chip Counts

St 1) hielkuh – 618,943

St 2) Tomatee – 549,017

St 3) Deputado1414 – 163,758

St 4) 1mDonuts – 39,054

St 5) KornHizzle20 – 370,824

St 6) jus2awsum – 122,243

St 7) Mark ‘AceSpades11’ Radoja – 663,022

St 8) ramastar88 – 112,250

St 9) ninoley – 255,889

When that heads up session started it was the unknown player from Netherlands that had a massive chip advantage of 4-1 over Rodoja, but you do not win two WSOP bracelets by giving up. He managed to claw that deficit back to even against his opponent.

It was here when all the chips went into the middle in a massive pot as an initial pre-flop 50k raise by “heilkuh” was raised to just over $120k by his notable opponent holding the As-Ad. The call was made and the flop of 7c-4h-6d fell which led to where the action really went crazy.

Radoja bet out first with 157,224 before his opponent raised it up to 425,000 which ultimately led to an all-in push by Radoja which was called. Unfortunately for the two time bracelet winner and in fact former winner of this event the 3d on the turn and then the 4d on the river ended his hopes of another win.

He will be buoyed though, by the fact that he still took home the most money in this event due to a 4-way split among the players a little earlier.

How It Finished

1st) hielkuh – $78,846.17 (d)

2nd) AceSpades11 – $82,977.38 (d)

3rd) ninoley – $70,737.61 (d)

4th) KornHizzle20 – $60,702.34 (d)

5th) Tomatee – $31,266.00

6th) Deputado1414 – $24,607.50

7th) jus2awsum – $18,817.50

8th) ramastar88 – $13,027.50

9th) 1mDonuts – $8,858,70