Super Tuesday Pays Out $113,778 First Place Prize

American dollars

In yesterday’s online tournament action, it was the time for another $300,000 guarantee Super Tuesday to get the cards in the air on PokerStars.

602 entrants jammed their $1,050 buy-ins pumping up the prize pool with another $302,000, giving 72 bubble spots a chance at their cut of a $602,000 prize pool announced when late registration cut off the buy-ins. That bubble burst after just 5 hours of play, and it was only another hour before we were searching for out final table contenders, as just 25 remained in the running. Jake Cody was still in the action with another career cash under his belt, but he was severely short stacked.

When he eventually woke up with a hand that looked good to take a punt at the flop, his As-Qd didn’t hold up versus the Ah-9h. “Maxxx72alba” sucked out a runner runner straight right after Cody had paired his Queen on the 7d-Td-Qs flop. It was looking good for the Team PokerStars pro until the turn produced the 8h, giving “Maxxx72alba” an up and down straight draw. It was a day of good fortune for “Maxxx72alba” as he sucked out the Jd on the river sending Cody to the rails.

It took 2 more hours to get down from 24 to a final table of 9, led by Brian “brianm15″ England with 1,008,269 chips. Second in chips “neckbr4ke” was way off the lead stacking under half that amount with 548,716 chips. Third place was just trailing second with 443,241 chips and in fourth we saw the return of Stefan “IceStream” Ivanov, to the Super Tuesday final table for the second time holding 228,953 chips. Last week he won $120,204.

It was the second placed chip leader at the final table that ran out of luck the first out of the top 4 chip leaders as he crashed in seventh. Stefan “IceStream” Ivanov had been leaking chips and decided holding Kh-Jd was enough to shove his remaining 117,906, which was around 6bb at the time. “neckbr4ke” had also taken a beating and called with his remaining stack of just 46,451 holding onto Kc-9h finding himself dominated. Neither player connected with the board that read 3h-Qd-As-7s-Ah.

On the10,000/20,000 blind mark Stefan “IceStream” Ivanov woke up wired with Aces while “GoodStoryBro” was holding pocket Kings. Inevitably the pre-flop raising led to both players shoving and calling. The flop was disastrous for “IceStream” as “GoodStoryBro” hit a set while the turn and river blanked on “IceStream”, who had just 2 Ace outs to save his tournament, and so he was on rails in sixth.

Fifth, fourth and third were quickly eliminated shortly after “IceStream’s” bad beat leaving Brian “brianm15″ England holding 1,572,543 and “Palau777” stacking 1,437,457. There was a short discussion for a deal, but in the end no deal was made and play went on.

It wasn’t long before “Palau777” came out firing and “brianm15” lost a big pot. He mucked and then saw his opponent show a Jd-8d for the full house. “Palau777” was way out in the lead with 2,450,000 chips by now.

In the last hand “Palau777” has 5d-4d versus “brianm15’s” Ac-6h. The flop was good for “brianm15” as he paired the 6 on a 5h-8d-6d board. However, the turn blew his hand aside as “Palau777” improved to two pair when the 4c hit the board. Soon it was all over on the river with a 9h blanking, which gave “Palau777” the Super Tuesday title and the $113,778 first place pay-out

Super Tuesday Final Table Pay-Outs

1st “Palau777” $113,778.00

2nd “Brian “brianm15″ England $83,377.00

3rd “GoodStoryBro” $61,404.00

4th “el_n0i” $46,354.00

5th “Kenny “LoneHixx” Hicks $32,508.00

6th “Stefan “IceStream” Ivanov $25,585.00

7th “neckbr4ke” $19,565.00

8th “NutsErryTime” $13,545.00

9th “Nick “FU_15″ Maimone $9,210.60