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Super Tuesday Pays $541K to 63 Places

tuesday signIt was the final Super Tuesday of April and PokerStars managed to fit in 5 versions of this event in one month with “veeea” taking the largest win of $112,833. Yesterday’s Super Tuesday was close to that amount as the registrations closed with “Betudontbet” in a two-way deal that saw him push for a $92,265 take home.

The turnout was the third highest this month with 541, creating a $541,000 prize pool to pay 63 places on the bubble for the third time this month.

Five and a half hours separated the start of the tournament and the bubble spot, where the prize pool started making its way into the players’ poker balances. After two more hours, there were two tables left with 18 players remaining before the eight and a half hour mark was met, and this meant the last nine had been decided.

David “Betudontbet” Emmons had firmly set the pace by going in with the chip lead of 570,808 as the players resumed play. “ChanceCU” of Mexico was close by in second with 559,834, and on the other side of the chip leaders’ stacks were the short stacks with “cswidler” from Canada trailing with 115,287, “Halfrek” with only 174,552, and “Vojta_R” also short stacked with 177,182 chips.

“Vojta_R” was the first of the three short stacks to go, and he was quickly eliminated after a nasty flop saw “lechuckpoker” hit two-pair, while “Vojta_R” had hit an open ended straight draw with Kc-Js on a board that read 3s-Qc-Tc, “lechuckpoker” was holding Qs-Ts when he carefully bet 17,500 wary of the potential flush draw out there and “Vojta_R” came in. The turn card came out black again with 6c potentially completing a flush for one of the players, but it wasn’t long before they both got their chips in after “Vojta_R” shoved to a 37,500 bet from “lechuckpoker”. “Vojta_R” had an up and down straight draw and a flush draw with “lechuckpoker” not holding any blockers.

The turn card looked good for a shove for “Vojta_R” as he improved his outs to 9 flush cards and 8 straight cards, but 2 of the straight card outs were also clubs, so “Vojta_R” was looking at 15 outs or 30%. Instead of one of the 15 outs in “Vojta_R’s” favour, “lechuckpoker” hit one of his thin outs, with the 10h giving him a full house taking the final table down to 8 players.

“lechuckpoker” later relinquished his chip stack to “Betudontbet”, who knocked him out in third place. This settled who the heads-up pair would be. Both players would then go on to make a deal before play continued.

Play resumed and shortly into the dual “Betudontbet” had doubled “Goldenboys” chip stack. “Goldenboys” was holding Qs-Qc versus Ad-Qd with no Ace in sight, after the board had laid down all 5 cards, and so this gave “Goldenboys” the chip lead early on. However, his lead was short lived as he woke up with a hand wired with 9h-9d only for “Betudontbet” to flip higher pockets with Tc-Ts that eventually gave this week’s Super Tuesday champ a set on the final board of the game that read 4s-8c-Td-2c-Kc.

Super Tuesday Final Table Results

1st – David “Betudontbet” Emmons from Mexico – $92,265.00 (Split Deal)

2nd – “Goldenboys” from the UK – $86,265.00 (Split Deal)

3rd – “lechuckpoker” from the UK – $55,452.50

4th – “ChanceCU” from Mexico – $42,198.00

5th – “Djanik8” from Russia – $29,755.00

6th – “route666” from the UK – $22,992.50

7th – “Halfrek” from Denmark – $17,582.50

8th – Carter “cswidler” Widler from Canada – $12,172.50

9th – Vojtech “Vojta_R” Ruzicka from Czech Republic – $8,980.60

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