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Super Tuesday Winners Get Nearly $100,000

shutterstock_101342200The Super Tuesday tournament at PokerStars has been on somewhat of a roll recently, with last week’s event breaking the all-time record for the number of entrants with 614. This week’s affair may have not reached the same high-water mark, but still brought some 580 players to the tables for the $1,050 tournament. This meant that the $300,000 guarantee was crushed by the turnout and players would be competing for a total prize pool of $580,000. The road to a cash was not the easiest and it would be five hours before the players left standing would be in the money. Even then, the work was only beginning as each of the remaining players had hopes of reaching the final table.

After the money line had been broken, play sped up considerably, with some 30 players hitting the rail in the next half hour. It would take slightly more than two hours before the final nine would be determined. “A [email protected] KK” was the last to bite the bullet after nearly eight and a half hours of play, leaving the following players still in contention:

Final Table Stacks

“JasonX85″ – 634,607

“LI0NB0Y” – 465,757

“antesvante” – 399,590

“gkap13″ – 343,599

“UhhMee” – 333,306

“FastCarsss” – 239,033

“jdtjpoker” – 224,101

“T 54 T 97s” – 139,100

“joserivas397″ – 120,907

With several players nursing a somewhat smallish stack, play promised to be fast at the final table and it only took a few hands before the first elimination. Even though “gkap13″ held Ah-As, it would not be enough to beat the 10h-8h of “JasonX85,” which pulled out a flush on the turn. The next elimination came again at the hands of “JasonX85,” but this time he had the upper hand with Ad-Qs against the Ks-Qd of “T 54 T 97s.” In the next hour, chips would fly and players would hit the rail with amazing speed, all except for “jdtjpoker” and “LI0NB0Y.”

After playing back and forth over a few hand, talk of a deal came up and the two head’s up participants asked to see the money. With relatively close stacks, it was a quick agreement to give $95,020 to “LI0NB0Y” and $88,929 to “jdtjpoker.” This left another $6,000 on the table for 1st place and the two got down to the serious business of adding to their winnings. In the end, a classic coin flip situation of 8h-8s versus Ac-Js saw the pair of “jdtjpoker” prevail and bring the tournament to a conclusion. Each of the last two players earned almost exactly the same amount, making it a fitting end to an excellent event.

Final Results

1 – “jdtjpoker” – $94,929

2 – “LI0NB0Y” – $95,020

3 – “antesvante” – $59,160

4 – “joserivas397″ – $44,660

5 – “JasonX85″ – $31,320

6 – “FastCarsss” – $24,650

7 – “UhhMee” – $18,850

8 – “T 54 T 97s” – $13,050

9 – “gkap13″ – $8,874


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