Take a peek behind the scenes of the EPT (vid)

theatre red curtains

The European Poker Tour has grown out of proportions in terms of both competitors and poker players who watch live coverage of the event. What happens at the poker tables is of interest not only for those involved, but also for aspiring players who hope to be a part of the EPT one day.

PokerStars do their very best to capture everything relevant on film and this leads to hundreds of hours worth of footage. Obviously, only a fraction of this footage passes through the cutting room floor and plenty of exciting material remains hidden. At least in theory, the 14 TV shows contain the very best footage but many poker players are hungry for more and they now have a reason to rejoice.

‘The Bonus Cut’ will be introduced soon and just as the name suggests, it will consist of bonus content that didn’t make it in the regular TV shows. It will cover everything from hands played during the European Poker Tour to behind the scenes promo videos. Naturally, some of the most popular poker professionals will feature in these short movies so it is worth exploring the extra content if you want to see what your favourite player has been up to recently.

The first video is supposed to give viewers a glimpse at how the opening credits shoot of the 10th edition of the European Poker Tour was made. Liv Boeree, Daniel Negreanu, Luca Pagano and Andre Akkari are just a few of the poker pros who will feature in the first ‘The Bonus Cut’. Players get to put their acting skills to the test, under the ever watchful eye of a professional team that helps them each step of the way.

The idea of having a Bonus Cut released on a weekly basis gained a lot of popularity with the poker pros and it is very likely for this project to grow at the same pace as the EPT. What is certain is that extra content will be released every Thursday and EPT presenters Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan will play an active part. In the upcoming week, poker fans can expect to watch a short video about Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso and learn more about her business plans, video that will be available at the PokerStars Youtube channel.