Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki advocates charity work

give back written on stones

The nature of their jobs, makes professional poker players cold, calculated and very often ruthless when playing their game of choice. Fortunately, what happens at the tables stays at the tables and once they sit out, many change their attitude radically and turn from profit oriented professionals into generous people. Marcin Horecki is a Team PokerStars Pro who goes the extra mile to help those in need as he describes in his latest post at PokerStarsBlog, in which he explains the importance of giving something back.

Even though they spend a lot of time on the road, poker professionals are still active members of their local communities and Marcin Horecki emphasises the importance of becoming more involved. He is fully aware of his fortunate situation and grateful for the fact that he can do what he likes most while living the good life. Sometimes, the rich and careless tend to blame the poor for their condition and choose to turn a blind eye to their suffering.

Marcin Horecki realises the fact that many of those less fortunate people are fighting an uphill battle from the moment they are born and despite their best efforts they keep struggling. In an attempt of helping those facing insurmountable odds, the Polish Team PokerStars Pro joined forces with a local organisation which goes by the name of Szlachetna Paczka. Word for word, it means “Noble Package” and just like the name suggests, it focuses on donations made towards helping those struggling with poverty.

The organisation diligently works nationwide and together with volunteers, provides everything from  clothing to school supplies for the poor. People can “adopt” a struggling family and alleviate the pressure while easing the suffering, a concept that is immensely popular. Marcin Horecki convinced many poker pros to join him and he also got PokerStars involved, helping more than 40 families in the process. He praised the company’s willingness to lend a helping hand and the fact that they jump on the bandwagon right away, without unnecessary delays.

It would be an understatement to say that the operation was a massive hit and Horecki has no intention of stopping now, when things are going so well. He got fully involved, by shopping and wrapping up the gifts and shipped the boxes to the family he and his wife have adopted. The Team PokerStars Pro tries to lead by example and hopes that this campaign will represent only the tip of the iceberg. Once poker pros get involved, he expects them to keep donating a fraction of their winnings and change the lives of others.