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Team PokerStars Pros Climb London’s Tower 42 For Charity

Liv BoereeElevators have become our best friends whether we live or work in tall buildings, but Liv Boeree and four other Team PokerStars members will ascend London’s Tower 42 on foot. The poker pros will run rather than walk the 920 steps in support of Shelter charity, one of the most important nonprofit organisations in London. They won’t be alone in their quest, as the poker professionals will be joined by 1500 people, all of them willing to show their support for the group supporting the homeless in Britain’s capital.

The event will take place on March the 5th and will be known as ‘Vertical Rush’, a name meant to inspire and motivate participants. Liv Boeree will be the one leading Team PokerStars Pros, with the sexy 28-year-old poker player being easy to recognise among other participants. It comes as no surprise that the UK Team Pro will also attend the event as it is organised in London, but they will be joined by four more players including Joao Nunes , Henrique Pinho, George Danzer and a final name which is yet to be revealed.

Shelter is an organisation founded almost 50 years ago, in times when slums proliferated in inner-cities and the number of homeless people was rapidly increasing. It fought for the rights of those who lost their homes or were in danger of becoming homeless. The organisation constantly lobbied the government for making changes to legislation and policies. Now, when very few people can afford to purchase a home, renting privately is the only option, but for low income individuals or families, even this can prove too expensive.

This is why Shelter continues to fight for the rights of British people to access a decent and affordable home and initiatives such as Vertical Rush are very important. The organisation claims that roughly 14,000 homes are in danger of repossession in London alone, and tens of thousands are homeless. The number of new houses started in 2012 decreased by 11%, while sheer housing costs are becoming increasingly unaffordable for many tenants.

Those who want to be a part of Vertical Rush should visit their official website and sign up as an individual or as a team. Participants have up to six weeks to meet their sponsorship pledge and the deadline is April the 17th. If the event is a success, and with prominent Team PokerStars attending it should be, then £300,000 could be raised for Shelter. The money will be spent to help people avoid having their homes repossessed and to provide educated advice to those who are struggling with poor housing.


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