Team PokerStars Pros win big in Macau

Celina Lin

Now that the World Series of Poker has long ended, Macau is the place to be for poker professionals and some major competitions ran by PokerStars are underway. Three events of the Macau Poker Cup crowned their winners and not surprising, Team PokerStars Pros were among the victors winning over HK $100,000.

Celina Lin was the first to taste glory in Macau after winning the HK $2,000 Deepstack NLH event at the expense of 205 players. The prominent Chinese player set another personal record by reaching 20 final tables in APOY tournaments, an acronym for Asia Player of the Year. She had a healthy stack at the beginning of the final table, but by the time the heads-up began she was behind Hong Kong’s Hazel Chui who had three times more chips than she did. Celina Lin eventually closed the gap separating her from Hazel and won the $85,800 first prize with a full house.

1.    Celina Lin – $85,800
2.    Hazel Chui – $59,000
3.    Ming Leung Ip – $35,800
4.    Ye Liu – $26,800
5.    Xin Yin – $21,400
6.    Daniel Sing – $17,900
7.    William Hsu – $14,300
8.    Tsung Hui Lee – $10,700
9.    Georgiy Belyanin – $8,900
10.    Lok Wang Chun – $7,130

Korean Ji Woon Kim out shined 152 players in the second tournament of the Macau Poker Cup and he took home HK $180,600. He was pit against tough opponents at the final table but clawed his way to what appeared to be an evenly matched heads-up, with both players having the same chip stacks. Kim was lucky to have his opponent go all in when he was dealt pocket aces and then received a favourable board that led to the first tournament win in his career.

1.    Ji Woon Kim – HK $180,600
2.    Daniel Chan – HK $121,600
3.    Jun Sha – HK $77,400
4.    Yeow Chung Chong – HK $62,700
5.    Alexander Wagner – HK $49,800
6.    Raiden Kan – HK $40,500
7.    Shaq Lin – HK $33,200
8.    Yen Han Chen – HK $25,800
9.    Tony Man – HK $22,100
10.    Chuan Hong Li – HK $18,500

The third tournament of the Macau Poker Cup was a pot limit Omaha event with a buy-in of HK $2,000 and it was Raymond Wu that emerged victorious. Four of the six players that made the final table were from Chinese Taipei and they also finished on the first positions ahead of Australian Billy Argyros and Japan’s Kosei Ichinose. Raymond is now looking forward for the Red Dragon tournament, arguably the highlight of the Macau Poker Cup, hoping to tie Celina Lin for the lead as she won the event twice.

1.    Raymond Wu – HK $37,500
2.    Pipi Huang – HK $23,800
3.    King Chung Wang -HK $15,900
4.    Neo Chen – HK $12,500
5.    Man Ho Tse – HK $9,100
6.    Billy Argyros -HK $7,900
7.    Kosei Ichinose -HK $6,790