Team Pro At Full Tilt: Team Blom or Team Hansen?

Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom

Tomorrow at Full Tilt Poker sees the start of a new promotion in which players will have the chance at playing alongside either Viktor Blom or Gus Hansen in a team event. In total their will be 16 seats open for players that are successful in completing Team Pro achievements on the site and then finishing in the top eight of a freeroll.

This process starts tomorrow on Monday with players only allowed to complete one achievement per day. Players will need to complete four achievements between tomorrow and the 18th with the achievements being listed here.

Once those achievements are out of the way the players will then have to choose which player they would like to be on the same team with. There will be one freeroll for either Blom or Hansen and the players that manage to finish in the top eight being given a place on the team of their chosen player.

The freerolls also have a $5k prize pool and will give the eight winning players a team hoodie, so there is plenty to play for in this promotion.

Once the teams have been decided the real fun will start for the players. First each of the players on the teams will take part in a Freezeout Heads Up match against their team captain on the 23rd of March. These events are just a little warm-up and will have a $1,000 prize pool.

The Main Event

Once the team HU matches are out of the way there is just the main event of the promotion to go. It will be on the very same day and the teams will go head to head until there is a winner. Each of the players will be selected a random heads up opponent whilst the two team captains Blom and Hansen take each other on. The team that records the most wins will receive $2,000 for each player.

The Head of marketing for Full Tilt Poker Sarne Lightman said “With Team Pro, we’re giving 16 of our players the chance to take on and team up with two of poker’s legends, he then added “On top of battling for their team alongside their captain, they’ll also each play for a $3,000 payday.

Gus Hansen has already started to try and attract players for his team with this recruiting video posted below: