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Teichert wins Event # 56 after two days of Heads-up

Nikolaus TeichertBy the time a World Series of Poker tournament reaches heads-up, one of the players has such an advantage over the opponent that the outcome of the tournament is determined in a matter of hands. Nikolaus Teichert did a fine job in consolidating his lead and began the heads up with slightly more chips than his opponent but that was not enough to ensure a swift victory.

Event #56: $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em was decided after two games of heads-up, with opponent Vincent Maglio briefly taking the chip lead. Yesterday, the two players agreed to wait for Friday to determine the winner and so the game was suspended until today. Teichert was ahead and never let go of his lead, but eventually he required luck to crush his opponent in a hand where he started as underdog.

He went all in with A-2 of hearts against his opponent A-10 and it looked like Vincent Maglio would double up and retake the lead. Luckily for Nikolaus Teichert, a deuce was revealed on the river giving him two pairs and the $730,756 first prize. This is not the first time Teichert got lucky in a decisive pot at the World Series of Poker, with one major pot being won in day two against Matt Stout:

This is not only the first World Series of Poker bracelet for Nikolaus Teichert but also a financial boost for a player who won a bit over $200,000 in live tournaments. The winner only made brief comments and didn’t say anything about his intentions of playing in one of the few remaining tournaments at the WSOP. It is very likely for him to buy in for the main event that begins tomorrow evening, as this is the only No limit Texas hold ‘em tournament left at the World Series of Poker:

To refresh your memory, check out the names of the top six players who made the money at Event 56:

  1. Nikolaus Teichert – 730,756
  2. Vincent Maglio – 452,008
  3. Dan Owen – 312,516
  4. Sergey Lebedev – 225,392
  5. Josh Arieh – $164,789
  6. Kiril Rabtsov – $122,000

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