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The 2012 ANZPT Day 3

The 2012 ANZPT Day 3

On Saturday the 2012 Australia New Zealand Poker Tour played out its penultimate day of action. The Queenstown Snowfest Main Event has got to the stage where we know the final table, which is to be played on Sunday.

Ken Demlakian is the man who will be the chip leader when it comes to the start of action tomorrow, he will be the man that everybody wants to beat. Especially when you consider there is a very healthy $110, 00 first place prize to be won.

Day 3 started out with 31 players with each and every one of them hoping to make it to the final days play. However, only nine can squeeze on to that table so it meant that 22 players would be going home unhappy.

It didn’t take long before the first three eliminations happened however, and then once they went it was like a freefall. In the first level alone six had already gone. At the end of the halfway stage almost half of the field had been sent packing already leaving just 16 players left to fight to get on that final table.

Aaron Benton who won the 2009 APPT Sydney event went out in the early phase of the third level. He had some bad luck on two occasions, running into KK to take a huge chunk of his stack, then running into AA when short stacked and desperate.

The Bubble Approached

The bubble was quickly in view and the first to go was Billy Argyros, who was dumped out in dramatic fashion. With just two spots to make the money he pushed all in with a J-J and was called by David Zhao’s A-K, the flop showed a Jack and an Ace to improve both of their hands. Argyros was still in front with a three of a kind though, and thought he was going to win, right until the river shoed a third ace for Zhao. Argyros didn’t even win a payout to further increase his disappointment.

Hand for hand started after that elimination and went on for a good half an hour, until finally somebody had to go home as the bubble boy. This boy was Michael Kanaan, who had enjoyed a rather up and down afternoon, first off losing a huge stack to chip leader Demlakian and then actually being put out by the same man on the bubble.

Hw as rather unlucky on that final hand, when holding A-J he saw the flop come down A-J-4 and of course threw all of his chips in. However, he was a short stack and that amount of chips did not scare Demlakian who called and hit trips by the river.

Here is the final table line up and chip stacks for play on Sunday!

Matt Wakeman – 165,000

Jordan Westmorland – 523,500

David Evans – 95,000

Ken Demlakian – 529,500

David Zhao – 511,000

Bryan Huang – 263,500

Ricky Kroesen – 191,000

Ivan Zalac – 92,500

David Allan – 393,500

We will be sure to tell you tomorrow just how this final table ends up!




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