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The ACOP Ticking Along Until The Main Event Next Week

The ACOP Ticking Along Until The Main Event Next Week

The PokerStars Macau event has quietly been playing along in the background this week whilst the biggest poker tournament in the world came to an end. The Asian Championship Of Poker started last week and has in fact seen five of its events completed already.

The action will keep going until next Wednesday when the Main Event kicks off, though there is still plenty of action to keep us going until then. Today sees the start of the HKD $8,000 6-Handed Championship.

It may not be of World Series of Poker Main Event pedigree, yet it’s a major event with major prizes and a major field of big name players.

Here Is A Roundup Of The Events So Far!

Event 1 – The HKD $10,000 Deepstack Championship attracted a field of 192 with the winner being PokerStars Team Pro Raymond Wu. He won a payout of HKD $419,800 for his efforts throughout the three day event. Fellow PokerStars Team Pro Vivian Im finished in third on a good day for PokerStars.

Event 2 – The HKD $2,000 Deepstack event attracted 224 players with the winner emerging as Benjamin Carmine who took home a first place prize of HKD 93,900. There were another 24 player players who took a share of the prize pool.

Event 3 – The HKD $4,000 No limit hold’em event attracted 150 players which created a large prize pool of HKD 523,800. Gab Yong Kim took home the title and the winner’s cheque of HKD $128,300.

Event 4 – The HKD $1,000 Charity Event brought in a total of 109 players which generated a healthy prize pool of $247,686 which was shared amongst the top 13 finishers. The event also raised $54,500 for local charities. The winner was the Asian Player Of The Year Shaq Lin who banked $76,400 for his efforts.

Event 5 – The HKD $1,000 6-Handed event brought a field of 141 players which in turn built up a prize pool of HKD $123,093 which was shared amongst the top 16 players remaining in the event. The eventual winner was Pei Ti Tu from Taiwan, he banked HKD $30,800.

With the WSOP now over we have been in need for a new event to kick into action. With the Main Event of this one starting next week, we have something to look forward to, however there is still a lot to offer from the side events here in Macau to keep us interested for the time being.

We will be there to bring you the reports once the Main Event gets underway, so be sure to check back here.



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