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The All-Time Top Five Poker Movies

The All-Time Top Five Poker Movies

If we were honest, Hollywood has hardly been known to make many dynamite movies about poker that really capture the magic of the game. In reality, when it comes to thinking about poker films there Rounders and then there a few more.

This does not mean that there are not any good movies about poker though, just not as many as we would all like. So let’s take a look at the top five:

1. Rounders – As we previously stated, there is not too much competition for this movie. Rounders is the benchmark when it comes to poker movies, with the 1998 movie proving to be a massive success. Not just the movie either, poker too as many of today’s players was inspired to start playing poker after watching it.


The filmed starred Matt Damon and Edward Norton Jr with both of their characters embarking on a foray into the world of underground poker. The acting was top notch and the story line very solid which inspired a whole generation of poker players. One such player was 2003 WSOP Main Event winner Chris Moneymaker, who has admitted that it was “Rounders” that gave him the motivation to start playing poker.


2. The Cincinnati Kid – This movie would certainly take the top spot if it was not for Rounders. The 1965 film starred Steve McQueen who gave a very powerful performance, where he played Eric “The Kid’ Stoner who was a player in the 1930’s New Orleans poker scene. His goal was to beat the current top dog Lancey Howard, the final scene involving both players is one of the most memorable scenes of all time.


3. Maverick – This movie was made back in 1994 and starred Mel Gibson, it was a light hearted movie where he played James Garner. His character was a card shark during the days of the Wild West, with the film being full of everything you would expect of that era from cowboys, Indians, plenty of poker and even more drinking.


4. California Split – This was a comedic approach to poker movies, which was made back in 1974 and starred George Segal and a certain Elliot Gould. It follows the ups and downs of these two drunken gamblers throughout their casino adventures. It culminates with them selling off absolutely everything they own to take a trip to Reno in order to risk everything they have to make it big.


5. Casino Royale – Ok so this 2006 movie wasn’t really what you would call a full on and realistic poker movie. The last hand in the movie just goes to show this when one player hit an ace high flush, another two players made full houses and the winner hits a straight flush.


Nevertheless, it is an entertaining mix of poker and the all-action smoothness that would normally be associated with a James Bond movie.


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