The art of multi-tabling

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To increase your profits in online poker involves playing more tables as a rule or playing higher limits. If you try to play higher limits then you run into far more sophisticated players. So one simple answer is to learn how to play more tables and to do what is known as “multi-tabling”. However playing on say eight tables even in a much slower environment like full ring cash games still takes a significant level of concentration.

One of the key factors to multi-tabling successfully is to be able to harmonise your entire theatre of operations. This means that you should be paying more attention to keeping your cool and preserving your winning mind-set. There is nothing worse than playing in escalated pots and chasing thin edges and then losing. You start to question your decision making process during the actual game but that is counter-productive.

Thinking about past decisions isn’t helpful when other decisions are coming your way at a high rate of knots. The time to think about key decisions and if you played correctly in big pots or not is after the session when you have time to think rationally. Another example of balancing your entire game play can be highlighted with the following example. It is folded around to me on the button and I have the Ac-9d.

Now under normal circumstances then this is a cast iron raise for several reasons. Firstly you have position and absolute position at that because you are on the button. Secondly you have a good hand considering that you are facing two random hands in the blinds. Thirdly if your opponent calls you then you can use your superior position against them post flop. Folding in this situation would be playing too tightly and would clearly knock on to other areas of your game where you were also playing too tightly.

However this is looking at the one hand in a vacuum. Now imagine a different scenario where this one event was part of a much wider series of events when you were playing nine tables. You are having to face big decisions in two key pots on other tables where the pots are beginning to really escalate and your hand is marginal. This is where you need to be focused and not on the A-9 hand. If you can concentrate on everything and still play well then fair enough.

This all comes down to knowing yourself and your skill level. If you find that raising with the A-9 hand and then possibly being forced to play post flop somewhere else when your thoughts need to be on much more important things is possibly harmful then the best play is to fold in this instance.

That one single example highlights that multi-tabling is not as straight forward as many people think. As you begin to add tables then you are also stretching your mental requirements and with reduced thinking time per table then any distraction from big pots and key decisions could be disastrous. So remember that multi-tabling and playing a large number of tables require a different mind-set and highly flexible thinking processes along with understanding your strengths and weaknesses.