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The Best And Worst Of The Online High Rollers This Week

The Best And Worst Of The Online High Rollers This Week

As usual we have put together a piece on who have been the most successful online poker players throughout the week, whilst also noting some of the least successful.

Well as far as the most successful go, Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond and Ben “Ben86” Tollerene are certainly at the top this week. With the Irish player known as EireAbu will certainly be looking forward to next week’s results.

Tollerene stood out in respects of earnings this week, mainly due to the losses he has accrued recently. This week he took down a very impressive $517k, whilst Galfond was not too far away with a very healthy $434k. For Tollerene these figures will be highly important considering he lost over 600k a couple of weeks and was in fact one of the biggest losers.

It just goes to show the up and down nature that life as a professional poker player brings, it takes a high degree of mental strength to be able to keep up with all of the emotions connected with a career such as that.

This week saw the same old regulars grinding away, such as players like Ronny Kaiser and Ilari Sahamies having their usual ups and downs.

The Top Winners

Whilst both Galfond and Tollerene had very successful weeks, they were still not at the top of the pile; this spot went to Chung Ho. The lower profile player managed to bank around 535k in probably his most successful week ever.

Chung Ho first appeared in February on the high stakes online tables and then made his first appearance at the WSOP this summer. Without making too much of a splash there he has come back home and got right back into his online game, and has certainly started to make waves.

Here is a complete rundown of the week’s highest earners:

1. Chung Ho: +$535,000

2. Ben86: +$517,000

3. MrSweets28: +$434,000

4. 1-ronnyr3: +$350,000

5. madmags4: +$243,000

6. arbianight: +$171,000

7. rompsa: $161,000

8. M.O.P.: +$159,000

9. capoch: +$148,000

10. Seb86: +$138,000

The Losers

We always like to keep the losers section short and sweet out of respect to the players; nobody likes their failings up in lights. However, the biggest loser this week was a tightly fought contest between EireAbu and one of our most regular players in this section Sahamaies.

They both lost close to 500k a piece, and while this is probably a temporary setback for EireAbu, Sahamies has been throwing money all year round and is now down to a tune of a million this year, and that comes after managing to actually clear that debt before in a very successful month of July.

Here is the complete rundown of the top 10 losers of the week.

1. EireAbu: -$484,000

2. Ilari FIN: -$473,000

3. PepperoniF: -$339,000

4. mikki696: -$301,000

5. patpatman: -$187,000

6. joiso: -$182,000

7. Kanu7: -$161,000

8. mtvdeuem: -$140,000

9. urnotindangr: -$137,000

10. ChaoRen160: -$135,000






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