The EPT Announce Their 10th Seasons Schedule

The port of Monaco

The port of MonacoWith the final event of season nine of the European Poker Tour just having kicked off in the last few hours, the EPT have wasted no time in letting us know straight out about the tenth season and when we can expect their events to start.

Season nine has certainly been one of the best seasons of the EPT that we can think of and are already looking forward to what season ten will have in store for us.

The only real change for season ten will be the movement of the EPT Sanremo. It has been moved to accommodate players who prefer to travel the minimum amount possible. By putting the EPT Sanremo right before the EPT Monaco, it means players will not have to travel for an entire month.

Take a look at the schedule below:

The Season 10 Schedule For The European Poker Tour!

EPT Barcelona – 28th of August 2013 to The 7th of September 2013

EPT London – 2nd – 12th of October 2013

EPT Prague 8th – 18th of December 2013

EPT PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 3rd – 12th of January 2014

EPT Deauville 22nd of January 2014 to The 1st Of February 2014

EPT Berlin 12th – 22nd March 2014

EPT Sanremo 6th – 16th April 2014

EPT Monte Carlo 23rd April 2014 to The 2nd May 2014

The Success of Season Nine!

Every event during season nine has out done expectations concerning field sizes, due to their decision to reduce the amount of stops on the tour, but increasing the amount of events at the stops that they kept on.

This again was to reduce the amount of globetrotting that players had to do, keeping players in one place for longer to enjoy their poker.

They also worked alongside some local poker tours in both Spain and the UK with the Estrellas Poker Tour and the UK & Ireland Poker Tour to provide events before or after their main stops to again ensure that players could hang around far longer in one place.

Season 10 Sees An Increase In High Roller Events!

It would be fair to say that High Roller events at the EPT tours in season nine have also been a huge success, after the tour decided to implement at least one at every stop on the calendar. Well, they have again done that for season ten with the biggest of them being at the PCA and of course the EPT.