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The Full Tilt Player Spotlight

The Full Tilt Player Spotlight

Since Full Tilt Poker was sensationally taken offline whilst under its previous ownership 18 months ago, it forced practically every online high stakes player that wasn’t already at PokerStars, to go to PokerStars.

However, now that PokerStars has acquired the assets of Full Tilt Poker, paid back the money owed to the millions of players by the former regime and re-launched the site; it was always going to be interesting to see which players would be heading over to the high stakes tables at the site.

Of course some will go to take a look, others will go to stay and others will swap from site to site. This is why we wanted to show you the players that we have seen at Full Tilt Poker in the first week since its re-launch.

Viktor “Isildur1’ Blom

Well this player was a given, seeing as he has recently been signed up to represent the site as an ambassador. Blom was signed as one of three “Professionals” for Full Tilt Poker with the other two being Tom Dwan and Gus Hansen.

In fact Full Tilt is where Blom first made his name, literally destroying most of the players that tried to take him on, including fellow professional Dwan to the tune of $5million.

Gus Hansen

Yes, another obvious one. He is being paid to be there so it would look very good if he was found on another site. However, since he has been back playing it hasn’t gone all that well for him so far as he has accumulated losses of around $500k this week alone.

Alex “IReadYourSoul” Millar

The British player Millar is more usually known under his ‘Kanu7” screen name on PokerStars, yet he seems to have come over to have a little look around Full Tilt Poker. It remains to be seen if he will stick around or go back to what he is used to.

Apparently he did have over a million tied up in the site before it was taken offline, so that could be another reason for his appearances here.

Ronny “ronny37617” Kaiser

Ronny Kaiser is a former winner of both an EPT event and the FTOPS and is a Full Tilt regular of old. His return has been ok without creating headlines in either direction. Full Tilt was good to him in the past as he recorded winnings of more than $2 million in 2011, whilst this ear hasn’t been too bad for him on PokerSTars either as he has banked over $700k.

“O Fortuna PLS”

This player’s identity is still unknown and was a regular FTP player back before it went under, regularly scoring big wins against some of the other top players. He has been spending some time at PokerStars in recent months and hasn’t done too badly, yet his wins at FTP were much bigger.

His return has so far been a good one too, with him already netting a profit of $260k this week alone.


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