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The Guy They Always Forget – Perry Green

Its funny how things work out in poker sometimes, Perry Green is the forgotten man of poker, despite having three bracelets to his name and giving Stu Unger the fight of his life in the Main Event 31 years ago. Soon after that Unger became known as one of the best players of all time whilst Green became the forgotten man of poker.

However, Green was there again this year, appearing for what must be close to a record number of appearances. Perry though was short stacked most of the Main Event and he described his situation by saying that he felt he was carrying a switchblade whilst everybody else was carrying machine guns.

He still enjoyed himself and actually had a very deep run, the 76 year old finishing in 156th place and taking home $52,000. His three bracelets are from way back when the WSOP was still in its infancy.

Green states that when he met Ungar those 31 years ago, the player was not yet the legend he was to become. “He didn’t scare me” said Perry, “I was so much more aggressive than him in that tournament and if luck had swung the other way, things would have been different”.

Green dragged Ungar all-in on three different occasions, the first time Green had an AK whilst Ungar had AQ and got lucky with a full house. The second time perhaps was not quite so lucky but he nearly had Ungar again, Green had the 10-2 clubs whilst Ungar the AJ clubs, with Jd, 9c, 8c though nothing came of it. “I had him shaking on that hand” he says. Then the final all in Green had the 10-9 clubs whilst Unger had pocket fives…he lost out again.

“He won all three hands and was the champion, and I am the guy they forgot”

He was asked if he had any disappointment in the fact that none of his photos are seen hanging in the Rio Convention Center, his reply…”as long as they are not hanging in the local post office I am happy”.

Whilst Ungar’s demise was widely reported, Green has continued to pursue his love of the game whilst also keeping he’s feet in the real world. He has a career in the fur business and says retirement is something he never wants “what am I going to do all day…play golf?”

Green admits that poker in today’s world is so much tougher than back then, there were no real professional players. “Nowadays every hand gets analyzed scientifically to see if the bet is worth calling in regard to stack sizes, blinds and ante’s, back then it was more about the player and not math’s” he says.

He admits that despite how tough it is, he is happy with how the game has progressed into the monster that it is. “If I were younger, nothing would stop me from going on tours and competing all over the world”

Let’s not forget Perry green, he was there when all of this began!


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