The Hendon Mob Is Sold To GPI

Hendon Mob sold

Ranking poker players according to their results is a challenge, but the Global Poker Index is widely regarded as the most relevant list. The focus is exclusively on players who compete in online tournaments, which makes it easier to keep a track of results throughout the year. Zokay Entertainment is the parent company of the GPI and those who check out the standings frequently have a reason to rejoice because it will become even more relevant in a not so distant future.

Zokay Entertainment purchased The Hendon Mob, a portal that is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. This comprehensive database will brilliantly compliment the one used by the Global Poker Index, because the Hendon Mob keeps a track of live tournament results. There are plenty of such events worldwide every year, but the website has emerged as a leader due to its uncanny ability of ranking them based on importance.

Over the course of time, it grew considerably and that’s what caught the attention of Alex Dreyfus, the founder and CEO of Zokay Entertainment. By acquiring the Hendon mob and combining its resources with those of the Global Poker Index, it aspires to create the ultimate database for tournament results. The poker community has fervently requested more relevant lists, combining online and live tournament results, but so far they had to visit two distinct websites to dig out relevant information.

With their powers combined, GPI and THM will have more than 2 million unique visitors every year and half a million are expected to check them out each month. The amount for which Zokay Entertainment acquired the Hendon mob was not disclosed, but what’s certain is that the parent company of the Global Poker Index plans on investing even more. Alex Dreyfus told the media that $3 million will be spent for the development of even more accurate poker products in 2013.

Only time will tell whether the new owner will make any significant changes to the website created by poker professionals Ram Vaswani, Joe Beevers, Ross Boatman and Barney Boatman. Given its popularity and the fact that it delivered such accurate results for more than a decade, it is unlikely that major changes will occur. Right now the Hendon mob tracks over 70,000 tournaments, which is twice as much as the events tracked by the Global Poker Index.

It also monitors a quarter of a million players from all over the world, making it an authority when it comes to biographies and all-time money lists. The former owners are confident that under the new leadership, the Hendon mob will remain the same relevant source of information for poker players and promise to keep supporting the project.