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The Highlights From The WSOP! – The Biggest Winners

The Highlights From The WSOP! – The Biggest Winners

After nearly a week has gone by from the biggest poker series in the world, all be it for the final table that is being held on the 29th October, it has given us all time to take a look back and reflect on some of the best and worst parts of the series.

The Three Biggest Winners Of The WSOP 2012

Antonio Esfandiari

You will not come much bigger than this cash out – in fact you absolutely will not. He won the biggest ever poker payout in the history of the beautiful game. It wasn’t in the Main Event either, Esfandiari won The Big One For One Drop $1 million buy-in event.

He took home a record $18.3 Million which actually put him right at the top of the all time career earnings by a poker player. We think it is safe to say that the name Esfandiari will be one of the most mentioned poker names you will be hearing throughout the next ten years.

Phil Hellmuth

Love him or loathe him you have to admit that this guy knows his poker. He has more WSOP bracelets than any other player…ever. For this reason he always has a comeback to anything thrown at him. You don’t like the guy? Tough he has 12 WSOP bracelets. You think he plays like a donk? 12 WSOP bracelets say otherwise.

He was one ahead of his closest rivals going into the event and has now extended that to two simply because none of them managed to take one down…and he did. This means that everyone behind him has to step up even more, especially if they want to stop him being the guy that he is, because all the while he is the most winningness poker player in the world…he has every right to be exactly who he wants.

Greg Merson

This guy is one of those names that you may be forgiven for asking who? He has kind of slipped under the radar, however let me introduce you to the player who is currently leading the Player Of The Year standings.

He was a relative unknown before this year’s WSOP, however online he has been a monster. He decided to have a go at the WSOP for the first time in his life and well, the rest is history. He made fifth place in Event 28, took home a bracelet and $1,136,197 in event 57 and to top it all off has managed to place himself on the final table of the Main Event in October.

He currently sits in third place on the leader board in the final. Not bad for a guy that has only ever managed a payout of $22k in a live tournament before this one. He now leads the Player Of The Year run in, has already cashed out at the very least with $1,978,125 from the WSOP so far. That total could be added to with as much as another $7.7 Million should he win the final table.

He may have been unheard of before…now you are going to be seeing a whole lot more of him, that’s for sure.



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