The Life And Times Of A Tournament Director

Matt Savage

Matt Savage may not be known to you all but he is very well known and respected tournament director amongst the world’s poker players. He travels the world to direct many of the largest tournaments, though obviously Vegas is where he spends most of his time.

However, he doesn’t just confine his job to that of the casino floors, he is always at hand on Twitter to answer any questions relating to the rules of the game, information on tournaments and even helping players to find accommodation in the areas that he works at.

Take a look at some of the questions he is asked below:






He even finds time to help out with other requests that would not normally fall under the responsibility of being a tournament director. We do have to admit though that we had never seen a picture of JC Tran without a hat on before.



He is well respected and considered the world’s best tournament director and the way that he answers any requests on his Twitter just go some way to proving that. He is always friendly, helpful and gracious, so it’s really no wonder that he also gets lots of tweets of thanks too.


He has never been thought of much of a player, yet that seems to be changing as he was quick to show that he has in fact won a tournament before himself.