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The Monaco Cup Opens Up with PokerStars and Monte-Carlo

shutterstock_120218377The massive 50-event European Poker Tour is closing in with many of the pro players rattling their keyboards on Twitter to announce their presence to be expected.

It looks like this is going to be one of the biggest events of 2013 giving the WSOP a run for its money, and even more so with another new addition announced on the schedule. The Monaco Cup will be part of PokerStars and Monte-Carlo’s Season 9 Grand Final. The 50 event bonanza is set to start on 6 May and will run through to May 15 with the Monaco then taking to the floors mid-way through, commencing May 11 and will be running alongside the EPT event’s other scheduled tournament’s with the Monaco Cup, and both events will then end with a bang on 15 May.

A €500k guaranteed prize pool has been put up for the Monaco Cup with buy-ins expected to launch this figure hopefully into a million Euro’s worth of bubble cracking pay-outs, but we’ll have to wait and see how much interest the event will attract from the poker community. Having such a big event during an EPT event has never been done and so is a unique feature that should create yet another big reason for those with large cash buy-ins to get down to the upmarket location with beautiful settings mixed in with poker, always making any Monte-Carlo event seem that little bit more special.

Already the structure has been announced. The Monaco Cup will be played over the course of 5 days with 3 Day 1 chances. Day 1A will start on 11 May while Day 1B and Day 1C on 12 and 13 May respectively, then the event will be launching into a fourth day of action, which will be Day 2 joining together Days 1, 2 and 3’s chips stacks. Day 1B and Day 1C also allow re-entries effectively giving players 3 chances to make something of this event. This is better than re-buys, because when you re-buy you can already be way behind the rest of the field, however, re-entry means you start in exactly the same position as everyone else, thus making this tournament an attractive option with an even higher prize pool potential.

This year’s May version of the European Poker Tour in Monte-Carlo is going to bring to the tables a completely different new outlook to the way poker events are being held. If successful, we should see other events start to follow suit. The 2013 WSOP in Las Vegas is already on the same path with a massive 60 tournaments being crammed into 2 weeks of pure poker entertainment, and with the EPT also taking this route, we could be in for an exciting future set of poker events aimed to satisfy a growing population in the poker community.


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