The Most Popular Game Variations

poker textPoker is a broad term, and not just one card game but in fact many. There are many variations available to play and we thought we would present you with the more familiar of them for now.

Take a quick look at each of the variations below and click through to learn more about that particular game if it interests you.

Texas Hold’em Poker

If you are new to poker there is little doubt that you are likely here because of Texas Hold’em. This variation is the one that you would have seen on the late night poker shows on the television as well as on any live poker tournaments. Texas Hold’em is easily the most commonly played variation of poker and is seen as a starting point before players go on to learn other variations. To learn more about the game and how to play it simply click HERE!


Usually the very next game that a player who comes from Texas Hold’em will play is Omaha, with the reason being the big similarities between the two games. Everything is almost identical apart from each player now has the use of four hole cards to make a hand rather than two. Omaha is an exciting variation that always brings plenty of action, so to learn more about how to play the game, simply click HERE!

Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi/Lo is one of the more complex poker games to learn, so beginners should concentrate on easier games first before diving straight in with this one, just to pick up on the core basics of poker. What makes this variation of Omaha different to the standard one is the possibility of there being two separate pots in the hand. There is a “Hi” pot which is won as usual by the player with the best hand, yet there is also now a “Lo” which is won if a player can make a five card hand with no cards in that hand higher than eight. To learn about this in more depth, it might be better if you simply click HERE!

5 Card Draw

For many of us, 5 card draw would be our earliest ever memory of poker, whether we played it with our family when growing up or just watched the ‘adults’ sitting around the kitchen table. This is a classic game that is responsible for many of the other variations even becoming a reality. It may not be as popular now as it once was, due to the rising popularity of other games, yet you will still find plenty of hardcore fans that like some 5 card action. To learn how to play it just click HERE!

2-7 Triple Draw

This variation is growing into one of the more popular variants of poker, with its unconventional hand rankings and action-inducing structure bringing more and more players to the game by the day. It involves getting the worst possible hands in poker, with the Ace only counting as a high card that would obviously mean five cards between the 2 and 7. You have to avoid all of the better hands like straights and flushes and even pairs, otherwise your hand will have no chance. Learn more by clicking HERE!

2-7 Single Draw

This variation is identical to the above description of 2-7 Triple Draw except for the fact that there is only one draw instead of the three found in triple draw. This makes it an extremely interesting game to play because there is only one opportunity to improve your “worst” hand. It is certainly a challenging game but immensely fun at the same time, so if you are interested in learning more on how to play the game, just click right HERE!


Long before Texas Hold’em had established itself as the king of poker games, Stud poker was the variation that ruled. It was originally played with just five cards, though there has since been an evolution of the game with seven card stud. There are no draws or community cards in this variation, just cards dealt into your hand to be used to make the strongest hand possible. Want to learn how to play Stud poker? Then click HERE!

Stud Hi/Lo

Much like with Omaha Hi/Lo this variation of poker is identical to the standard Stud poker except with a “Lo” pot feature implemented. Players now have to compete to win either the “Hi” pot, “Lo” pot or even both if they have a good enough hand. Beginners should ideally start with the standard version of Stud before jumping into this one, just so they pick up the basics of the game. Learn more about how to play Stud poker HERE!


Razz to some players is the game they most like to avoid, right up until they accidently play it and discover that it is actually a really fun way to play poker. Though it might throw many of the basics of poker on its head, once you get to terms with the hand rankings and understand how to play, you will quickly love it. Learn more by clicking HERE!


If you cannot decide just which poker variation to play, why not choose to play one that incorporates many of the innovations into it. HORSE is one such format of poker, with it including Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Stud Hi/Lo. The games will switch after regular intervals creating a challenge that only the very best players will be able to master. Eager to pick up more information? Then click HERE!