The Mystery Asian Player “MalACEsia” Wins $436k


Another big day on the high stakes poker tables with all the action coming from Full Tilt’s nosebleed cash tables where the pros once again diced with huge pots and massive value calls.

“MalAcesia” brought the life back to the No-Limit Hold’em 6-max $400/$800 tables once again, after some tame action on this side of the poker rooms over the last couple of days. His profit was joined by “Isildur1” and three others, who all made 6 figures playing Hold’em. However, only “MalACEsia”, “IReadYrSoul”, “SanIker” made it into the top 5 biggest online poker profits list for the day.

Yesterdays NLH Tables Top 5 Profits

1st “MalACEsia” – $436,822

2nd “Isildur1” – $260,282

3rd “IReadYrSoul” – $154,580

4th “SanIker” – $152,800

5th “CaII_911” – $115,344

“CaII_911” ended up with the 6th highest profit giving way to “SallyWoo”, who trumped the Omaha Hi/Lo games for a $125,183 profit beating “Isildur1”. Despite “Isildur1’s” big Hold’em cash, he ended up down for the day after losing heavily in Omaha Hi/Lo to another one of the day’s eventual big winners “KPR16”.

Yesterdays Top Online Poker Profits (All Games)

“MalACEsia” – $436,822

“KPR16” – $301,267

“IReadYrSoul” – $154,580

“SanIker” – $152,800

“SallyWoo” – $120,095

“KPR16” and “SallyWoo” were inspirational when it came to inflicting another heavy defeat over our favourite player Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Blom may have rinsed the NLH games, but on the Omaha Hi/Lo tables he was being handed out a severe beating. The day before he had walked away beating the game for $600k+, but yesterday Blom sank $437,444 of that Omaha money win, leaving him a little over $150k up at the game over a two day period. The only other player to turn over a loss at the Omaha Hi/Lo tables was “Gus Hansen” after he lost $53,065.

Yesterdays Omaha Hi/Lo Profits (Only 5 Players Played Omaha Hi/Lo)

1st “KPR16” – $301,267

2nd “SallyWoo” – $125,183

3rd “FinddaGrind” – $63,481

Incidentally enough, Hansen was on a role at the 2-7 Triple Tables winning $58,226 cancelling out his bad day of Omaha. Blom profited just $13,478, while “kagome kagome” took the biggest Triple Draw loss of the day letting go $71,769 mostly to Hansen.

Yesterdays NLH Tables Top 5 Losses

“luvtheWNBA” (-$480,833)

“ragen70” (-$310,616)

“Rhje” (-$261,497)

“HelicopterBen” (-$100,614)

“Trueteller” (-$63,068)

Back to the NLH tables and where there are big 6 figure wins, there are also big figure losses and the NLH tables told the story exactly how it was. “luvtheWNBA” hit an incredible downswing after a majestic week reducing some of this losses for the month, but yesterday’s bad run put him on a $1,322,611 deficit to record for July’s action and leaves him back to about even for the year so far.

Yesterdays Top Online Poker Losses (All Games)

“luvtheWNBA” (-$480,833)

“ragen70” (-$310,616)

“Isildur1” (-$310,332)

“Rhje” (-$261,497)

Gus Hansen” (-$115,628)

Adding insult to injury, both “Gus Hansen” and “Isildur1” took hits on the Pot Limit Omaha tables too. Hansen lost $120,788, while Blom topped that loss with $146,649 in the red adding to what was another bad day for both players. As a consolation for Blom, he is back as this year’s top online poker earner so far and has recorded a $500k plus profit for the month.