The One Drop campaign raises €1 million for charity

The word Charity

Back in 2007 when Guy Laliberté, best known for running Cirque du Soleil, started the One Drop campaign, the poker community responded with enthusiasm. Millions of dollars were raised ever since and the World Series of Poker now hosts the ONE DROP High Rollers tournament. In 2012 Antonio Esfandiari won the main prize worth $18 million and a fraction of that amount was donated to charity, with other WSOP winners following suit.

This year, the One Drop campaign collected $1.32 million for charity which is roughly €1 million, a massive amount that is aimed at alleviating suffering around the world. The organisation will use these funds to run ambitious projects in remote areas and poor countries such as Haiti, Burkina Faso, Nicaragua or El Salvador. The World Series of Poker tournament alone raised $1.08 million for the organisation with the rest of the money coming from poker players who donated a part of their winnings.

Tony Gregg was the winner in the $111,111 ONE DROP High Rollers tournament while Brian Yoon had to settle for the first prize in the smaller event known as Little One for ONE DROP event. Both of them collected impressive paycheques and what’s most important is that the One Drop organisation was the main beneficiary of these tournaments. Guy Laliberté was thrilled with the success of this campaign and told the media that results exceeded his expectations, while providing him with the impetus to persevere.

He is also a major sponsor of this organisation and over the next 25 years he plans on funding the One Drop with $100 million. He’s a big fan of poker and competed in many highroller tournament’s including some televised shows, without winning significant amounts. His online performance is nothing to shout for, and some claim that he is one of the biggest losers in online poker with more than $20 million lost.

With an estimated net worth of $2.6 billion, money is hardly a problem for Guy Laliberté and his main priorities remain Cirque du Soleil and his charitable work. Given the huge amounts collected by the One Drop campaign this year and in 2012, it is somewhat surprising that the media didn’t cover this success. More publicity might have led to even more money donated to charity, but even so the collective effort of poker players led to remarkable accomplishments and the €1 million raised this year is the best proof.