The Online Movers And Shakers

winners and losers

It is that time again! The time in which we bring you another week’s round-up of the action at the highest stakes online poker tables and how it affects the yearly totals for the players involved. With us now firmly into the second half of the year, the players will now be stepping up their efforts to improve their positions by either earning more profit or reducing the losses that they have already incurred.

Easily the biggest winner of the week was “Rhje” after he secured almost a million at the tables, with his $982,680 putting him well ahead of the $531,784 won by Kyle “KPR16” Frey. Daniel “jungleman12” Cates was also amongst the biggest winners and has now moved up to fourth place on the all-time winnings rankings on Full Tilt Poker.

The Weeks Biggest Winners

Rhje” – $982,680

Kyle “KPR16” Frey – $531,784

Trueteller” – $490,296

Alex “IReadYrSoul” Millar – $418,792

Daniel “jungleman12” Cates – $381,122

Sanlker” – $274,747

Call_911” – $222,185

No Movers and Shakers weekly round-up would be complete without the mention of Viktor ‘Isildur1” Blom with things this week again not going to well for him. He certainly experiences some ups and downs at the tables but the past couple of weeks have seen the latter occur as he has again dropped $711,186.

That wasn’t enough to have him at the top of the losers for the week though as that position was reserved for Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton as he lost $792,597 at the tables.

The Weeks Biggest Losers

Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton – $792,597

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom – $711,186

HelicopterBen82” – $470,186

kagome kagome” – $371,166

Denoking”  – $356,799

Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker – $302,607

To make matters worse for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, he not only had a bad week but has now found himself pushed off the top spot in terms of profit at the tables in 2013 so far. Due to this week’s losses he stands at $3,007,710 for the year so far whilst the new number one Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon sits on $3,515,118.

The Years Biggest Profits To Date

Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon – $3,515,118

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom – $3,007,710

Alexander “PostFlopAction” Kostritsyn – $2,714,965

Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene – $1,924,546

Rhje” – $1,716,086

Odd_Oddsen” – $1,658,211

Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius – $1,556,140

Tom “durrrr” Dwan – $1,484,451

Hac “trex313” Dang – $1,266,097

no_Ola” – $1,266,097

Tight-Man1” – $1,203,285

SallyWoo” – $1,112,248

There was not too much change at the bottom this week in terms of rankings as the usual suspects were still there trying their best to get themselves out of the red for the year. “samrostan” and “Gus Hansen” still sit at the bottom with just around $100k in losses separating them.

The Years Biggest Losers To Date

samrostan” – $3,518,002

Gus Hansen” – $3,428,777

Phil “Polarizing” Ivey – $2,173,726

MalACEsia” – $1,561,643

patpatpanda” – $1,330,885

Scott “mastrblastr” Seiver – $1,220,399

Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky – $1,210,658

punting-peddler” – $1,125,429

Alex “IReadYrSoul” Millar – $985,575