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The Online Movers And Shakers – Weekly Update!

It would be fair to say that January has seen some extremely exciting high stakes action, which we of course hope continues for the rest of the year. We have had massive winners in Viktor Blom and plenty of big losers such as Gus Hansen in that time, and though the action wasn’t quite as dramatic throughout the last week, there was still plenty to talk about.

One such story was the success that “KPR16” has had at the tables throughout the last week, with him knocking up profits of nearly one million as he totalled profits of $929,088. That put him well clear of anyone else for the week with “SallyWoo” coming closest with $259,088.

The Weeks Largest Profits!

“KPR16” – $929,088

“SallyWoo” – $259,088

“Sauce1234” – $256,943

“patpatpanda” – $240,950

“ronnyr37617” – $229,490

With regards to the biggest drops this week just gone, there were a number of players that ended with a minus. The biggest of those drops was suffered by “JohnBest” as he lost a total of $506,056.

A little further back behind him were players like “good2cu” and Phil Ivey himself under his screen name “Polarizing”.

The Weeks Biggest Drops!

“JohnBest” – $506,056

“good2cu” – $357,396

“Polarizing” – $314,820

“mastrblastr” – $241,318

“DealMeInFast” – $231,541

“Poker_Kami” – $210,930

Viktor Blom is still well out in front of the yearly profit rankings so far, though the last week did see him drop quite a bit. Coming up behind him in second place is Phil Galfond under his screen name “OMGClayAiken” with total profits to date of $1,358,820.

Biggest Total Profits To Date This Year!

“Isildur1” – $2,692,119

“OMGClayAiken” – $1,358,345

“SallyWoo” – $1,267,005

“Bttech86” – $1,113,925

“ronnyr37617” – $370,550

“KPR16” – $346,210

Whilst we have had players making millions in the first month of 2013, we have also had players struggling and dropping similar amounts. What is ironic is that the year’s highest earner with regards to high stakes is the player with the biggest losses this year. In fact “Sauce1234” has nearly lost half of what he spent all last year to win.

He has dropped $1,426,426 so far in 2013 and has losses double that of the player in second place. That player is “IReadYrSoul” who has lost $699,378 within the first month of 2013. Other names that have struggled so far include Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

Biggest Total Drops To Date this Year!

“Sauce1234” – $1,426,426

“IReadYrSoul” – $699,378

“durrrr” – $531,348

“Poker_Kami” – $525,601

“Polarizing” – $520,561

“Schoitl” – $510,318


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