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The Poker Celebs To Follow In 2013

The Poker Celebs To Follow In 2013

Whilst all of the talk regarding 2013 is of the tournaments to look out for and the big name players to keep an eye on, we thought we would suggest which celebrity players could have a decent year at the felt in 2013.

Whilst we do not expect any of them to set the world on fire, we do feel that they could surprise a few people with the progress that they have made in their own particular game and circumstances. So here are our three picks for 2013:

Rafa Nadal!

Having only being signed up as an ambassador to PokerStars in 2012, Nadal has been busy working on his poker skill set. He didn’t play in too many tournaments last year, simply because he already has a rather busy full time job being one of the best tennis players in the world. However, when he did get the chance he was regularly being coached on how to play the game.

We expect to see a lot more of Nadal in 2013, in which we also expect him to have made some pretty good progress. Being coached by some of the best PokerStars Team Pros should have a massive effect on anyone’s game, especially someone who is as competitive and dedicated as Rafael Nadal.

Kevin Pollak!

By far the most successful celebrity player in 2012 was Kevin Pollak, with the American actor and standup comedian amazing everybody by finishing in 134th place at the WSOP Main Event for a payout of $52,718. That performance broke the record for best performing celebrity at in the WSOP Main Event, the previous record being held by Lou Diamond Phillips who once finished in 186th place.

He doesn’t play many tournaments but always makes time for the WSOP Main Event, so it will be interesting to see if he can go and do even better this year.

Shane Warne!

Shane Warne is one of many ex-sportsmen who have decided to go into poker after their first choice careers have come to an end. The former Australian International Cricketer and national treasure has always been very vocal about his love of poker, with him not being too bad at it either. His best results came in 2010 when he came 10th in an Aussie Millions NLHE side event for a payout of $9,759 and then followed that up with third in a High Roller event at the Victorian Poker Championship which awarded him $42,065.

He is certainly one of the more successful celebrity players and one that we think deserves to be watched in 2013.



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