The Poker Growth Map by PokerStars

Poker Growth Map
Poker Growth Map

Poker Growth Heatmap

Poker is a game that has known great growth through the years and around the world.

The game has reached great heights from its inception by just being played live, but the big “explosion” came when technology took over and the game was offered online all around the world.

Online poker has continued to grow through the years and PokerStars has played a main role in this growth.

Now, the online poker giants have commissioned a heat map of the year-to-year growth of poker from 2006 around the world.

From the “Poker Boom” after Chris Moneymaker’s win, to the first woman European Poker Tournament Winner, you can see how poker has began to grow in each region of the world on a year-to-year basis and you can rollover the PokerStars logo to read some of the milestones of the company.