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The Poker Quiz For 2012

The Poker Quiz For 2012

Without a doubt 2012 was one of the most talked about years in poker history, with there being so many achievements, surprises and of course plenty of legal issues too. However, how much do you think you know about poker in 2012?

We have come up with a little quiz for you to test yourself on the entire goings on in 2012, there are 12 questions based on news that was made last year. We have provided the answers at the bottom, but we suggest you cover them up and don’t cheat; you will only be cheating yourself!

1. What were the two WPT events that Marvin Rettenmaier won back to back in 2012 to become the first player to make that achievement?

2. What event did Phil Hellmuth win at the 2012 WSOP to claim his 12th bracelet?

3. Gaelle Bauman was the most successful woman in the WSOP Main Event this year after finishing in 10th, however, where did the second most successful woman Elisabeth Hille finish?

4. Phil Ivey returned to Full Tilt Poker after it re-launched, however what was his new screen name?

5. What date was the newly PokerStars owned Full Tilt Poker re-launched?

6. What is the name of the latest PokerStars Team Pro to join the ranks?

7. What is the screen name of the most successful online high stakes grinder during 2012?

8. Who is easily the most hated man in poker right now?

9. What is the name of the new form of poker that some high stakes pros are taking up?

10. What was the amount that Antonio Esfandiari won for his victory in the WSOP Big One For One Drop?

11. What was the UK’s best and most popular online poker magazine during last year?

12. What city is the WSOPE 2013 going to be held in?

Okay, there you have it, twelve questions for you to test yourselves on. How did you do? If you scored between 10-12 you can consider yourself quite the poker connoisseur, 5-9 you know your stuff but still need some work, 1-5 you need to make sure you visit us more often to keep your poker knowledge up!

Happy New Year everybody, we wish all of your dreams and wishes for the year of 2013 come true!

Answers in order: 1. WPT $25k Championship and WPT Merit Cypress Classic 2. Razz 3. 11th 4. Polarizing 5. 6th November 6. Tatiana ‘Mysters_Y’ Barausova 7. “Sauce123” 8. Howard Lederer 9. Open Face Chinese Poker 10. $18.3 Million 11. 12. Paris



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