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The PokerStars EPT Barcelona 50k Euros 2012 Day 2

The PokerStars EPT Barcelona 50k Euros 2012 Day 2

On Saturday the EPT PokerStars Barcelona 50K Super High Roller Event continued, and by the end of the day we had Dan Smith leading the final table.

He is sat there with 5.1 million in chips which is good 500k ahead of his nearest rival Mike McDonald who has 4.650 million. He was on fire for the whole day, which came to light when he was in a hand against another high flying player Simon Ravensbaek, where they in fact both hand an A,K.

In that situation there is only one way a player can win outright, a flush, and with Smith holding the Ace of clubs luck brought him just that. One by one the spades came out to give him that flush and a huge chip lead.

At The Beginning

When the day first started there were some big names who had decided to give the tournament and have another go after busting out on Day 1. Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel, Sorel Mizzi and Phil Ivey all paid a second buy-in, whilst Chris Moorman bought in after not even taking part on Day 1. These players started the day with just 250,000 in chips which gave them a huge disadvantage against most of the rest of the field.

In all we had 55 players either reloading or entering the tournament fresh which increased the tournament prize pool to 3,072.960 Euros. Only the top eight players were to be paid out, with the winner picking up over a cool million (1,075.500) in Euros.

Once the day started the eliminations really came thick and fast with around 12 players being knocked out within the first two levels of play. Terje Augdal was the first of them to go and was followed not far behind by Cheung Yin Sun, Andrew Lichtenberger and Andy Moseley amongst others.

Most of the players that did rebuy didn’t fair to well and hit the rail early on; they joined a long list of others that fell. Moorman, Jason Mercier, Justin Bonomo and Masa Kagawa all had the disappointment of busting out empty handed. While this was happening Dan Smith was tearing up the tables and increasing his chip lead, one such pot was massive.

He was involved in a hand where JC Alvarado raised from early position to 45,000, Smith called the bet whilst Tobias Reinkemeier also called from the big blind. The flop came Jd,9h,Jc where Alvarado and Reinkenmeier both folded, Smith though decided to fire in a bet of 85,000.

Alvarado called but Reinkenmeier folded, the 6s came on the turn where Reinkenmeier check called a raise of 181,000 from Smith. Once the river showed the Kh Smith went in for 384,000 after another check from his opponent and then Reinkenemeier pushed all in, Smith called instantly and they both showed their hands.

Reinkenmeier thought he has won with a full house of Jacks full of nines, though Smith had got lucky on the river and had Jacks full of Kings.

Here are the final table standings as they were at the end of Day 2.

1 JC Alvarado 3,116,000

2 Mike McDonald 4,650,000

3 Erik Seidel 698,000

4 Mike Watson 604,000

5 Dan Smith 5,108,000

6 Jim McCrink 500,000

7 Ilari Sahamies 685,000

8 Talal Shakerchi 670,000





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