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The Sunday Storm’s 2 Year Anniversary

shutterstock_107005559The Sunday Storm is just about to celebrate 2 years of an entertaining tournament in an event that has captured the hopes and ambitions of so many online poker players.

It is one of the most, if not the most, popular tournament online today standing out in the online poker community as one of the most diverse virtual poker competitions on offer. On the 7th of April starting at 1:30pm Easter Time the Sunday Storm is putting up a $1 million guaranteed prize pool, that will be shared across what is sure to be over a thousand bubble spots all for just an $11 buy-in.

Anyone who gets involved in the second anniversary’s $1 million prize-pool bonanza will be able to experience the look and feel of the Sunday million, as the million dollar prize-pool given away every Sunday in the Millions event is now up for grabs in the Sunday Storm tournament that costs $11, which is a bargain compared to the Sunday Millions with a $215 buy-in attached.

With the buy-in so low and the prize pool so high, the Sunday Storm’s entrants list is expected to go beyond all past records, with anyone involved also having the chance to lock horns with Team Poker Stars Pros, who are sure to be involved in a round the tables getting themselves more than knee deep in the action.

What’s more is that adding to the chance of possibly pitting your skills in a hand against a Team PokerStars professional, if you manage to knock a pro out of the tournament there is a bounty prize up for grabs worth $50 per pro, at least per pro if you can knock out more than one. Plus if you do get the better of one of the handpicked PokerStars reps you also get bragging rights, so saving your card history and running it through a card reader or using the PokerStars replay tools gives you solid evidence to scare the wits out of your poker buddies next time you sit down at your home game. However, with this you may become the bounty!

There’s more good news for those who feel they have a chance of going deep and cracking the final table for the big first place prize that is guaranteed to be at least $100,000. With that we are almost certain that the top prize is going to rocket well above this amount particularly with the enticing $1 million prize-pool.

For those of you not buying in and taking another route into this tournament, the satellites are still going strong with small stakes tournaments running around the clock.

For now there are only a few short days to pass to get some tournament practice in before the event gets underway and remember, when you get in there look out for those pros and happy hunting!


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