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The Sunday Warm-Up Pays $109,712.77

shutterstock_106527617A massive prize-pool was once again the talking point of the Sunday Warm-Up with 3,494 $215 buy-ins creating $698,8000 to be shared around 540 players that would burst through the bubble.

The final table was reached at a swifter rate than usual in this week’s Sunday Warm-Up with JWPRODIGY out in front, but this wasn’t to last and as the table action heated up he was cast aside in 3rd place while “cmontopdeck” and “dejanaceking” were left to battle it out for the top spot.

Final Table Chip Count

1. 6,881,002 “JWPRODIGY” in Seat 5

2. 6,308,604 “cmontopdeck” in Seat 4

3. 5,424,437 “sazkarik” in Seat 7

4. 4,052,031 “dejanaceking” in Seat 9

5. 3,922,472 “Rake83” in Seat 2

6. 3,241,035 “Sykoen” in Seat 3

7. 2,712,802 “FOO-92” in Seat 8

8. 1,367,356 “calmeluckbox” in Seat 1

9. 1,030,261 “texbookstu” in Seat 6

By the time it was heads-up “cmontopdeck” was trailing “dejanaceking” with 12.2 million of his chips up against 22.7 million. “dejanaceking” must have been feeling confident that he was in control of the heads-up dual at this point and that the $109,712.77 prize pool waiting for the eventual Sunday Warm-Up champ was his, as there was no deal on the remaining cash in the prize pool. However, “cmontopdeck” made an extraordinary come back by etching the chips out of the chip leader’s stack until the advantage had swung in his favour giving him the ideal opportunity to swoop in on the rest of “dejanaceking” chips.

It took 18 minutes from the time third place was jolted by “dejanaceking” until the final hand was in action where, “cmontopdeck was by now in a commanding lead putting him 12.6 million chips out in front.

“cmontopdeck” minimum raised 800,000 from the blind and “dejanaceking” then went over the top with 1,820,000 to which “cmontopdeck” answered with a call to see a flop in a pot that was now 3,720,000. The flop came 10c-10d-Qc, with “cmontopdeck” first to act with a 1,078,800 bet. “cmontopdeck” shoved with his remaining 3,720,000 and met with a call from “dejanaceking” who was holding trips with his Ad-10h hole cards versus Kh-Jc, which made an up and down straight draw for the “cmontopdeck”.

The river brought the low straight instantly with a 9d, meaning “dejanaceking” needed another ten or the board to pair to take the pot, or a King would do, so the pot would be split, but the last card came out as a Js giving the 25,130,108 pot to “cmontopdeck” along with the $109,712.77 first place pay-out.

Final Table Results

1st “cmontopdeck” from Germany – $109,712.77

2nd “dejanaceking” from Bosnia and Herzegovina – $81,759.60

3rd Jordan “JWPRODIGY” Westmorland from Thailand – $57,651.00

4th “Rake83” from the United Kingdom – $40,181.00

5th “sazkarik” from the Czech Republic – $29,699.00

6th “Sykoen” from Norway – $22,711.00

7th “FOO-92” from Germany – $15,723.00

8th “calmeluckbox” from Greece – $8,735.00

9th “texbookstu” from the United Kingdom – $5,590.40


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