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The Sunday Women’s Birthday Bash At PokerStars

shutterstock_14915350It is the Sunday women’s bounty tournament where the ladies will get $100 for each pro lady they knock out of the ladies’ tournament that is shaking the poker circuit blogs and chit chat.

The ladies have been showing the men how poker is played over the past few weeks as the free rolls have been busting up the action with the winning positions winning their way one step closer to the $20k guarantee tournament that takes place tomorrow.

As a side game there has been a bit of fun and games going on behind the scenes as birthday greeting messages, cards and loads of other birthday celebration mementoes have been flooding in to celebrate the Birthday bash. The two most creative winners are set to win a $55 seat into the Women’s Sunday Birthday Special and there are also going to be a host of $5.50 satellite seats dished out for the ladies who have participated in creating what is said to have been a top effort by all those getting involved.

On top of this PokerStars have invited all those women who want to dig their heels in further to a special YouTube Hangout that will be broadcasted at 2pm ET today. Sarah Grant will hosting the show. For all those who are not familiar with the PokerStars.TV and PokerNews presenter then this is great time to get acquainted as she will no doubt be as entertaining as ever.

During the 30 minute showing star poker players that will be involved in the poker tournament will make guest appearances including Liv Boeree, who is probably every poker mans’ dream date being not only beautiful, but also she has some cut throat poker skills. She has already pulled together career tournament earnings of around million. She is our favourite to go deep in the tournament and she will definitely be a bounty target for some of the female entrants. Whoever knocks Liv out will earn themselves not only $100.

Other pro female players making an appearance on the YouTube broadcast will include Celina Lin, Fatima Moreira de Melo both of which the female poker community taking part in the Women’s Sunday Birthday tournament can expect to run into. Those who are around to watch the broadcast will also be graced with the presence of Katie Dozier as well as Jennifer Shahade both appearing as special guests on the show.

Liv Boeree and Celina Lin have already been commenting about the event saying how much they are looking forward to tomorrow when the tables are set and the clock ticks over to get the cards shuffled and dealt. In the end there can only be one winner!



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