The Top Five Hottest Female Poker Players (pics)


To spice things up before the start of the WSOP Main Event final table this weekend, we thought it would be nice to give our male readers (and let’s be honest, most of our readers are male) something to lift their….spirits.

Sometimes we need a little break from all of the seriousness involved in poker and need to feast our eyes on some of the hottest women players on the circuit. This is why we have come up with the top-5 hottest female poker players (in our opinion anyway).


5. Vanessa Rousso


Vanessa Rousso represents the perfect combination of both brains and beauty, by already ranking amongst the top five women poker players of all time with regards to career winnings.

With regards to her brains, she has a law degree after she graduated from the University Of Miami.

With regards to her beauty she has grace magazine covers such as Sports Illustrated dressed in nothing more than a bikini.




4. Beth Shak

Beth Shak is what you would call a jack of all trades; there isn’t much that she does that she doesn’t do well. The former model and current shoe designer/poker player is among the top women poker players, whilst she also among the top men poker players secret fantasy.

Is it any wonder why she has 70,000 followers on Twitter?




3. Liv Boeree


England born Liv Boeree is another example of a woman that has it all, she is smart, a good poker player and extremely gorgeous to boot.

She was initially a model after majoring in Physics and Astrophysics at university. She found her love of poker by being selected for a reality show that was poker orientated; the rest as they say is history.





2. Lacey Jones


Former model and presenter Lacey Jones has been the face of some of the biggest corporations in the world including Sony, Nike and Panasonic to name just a few. She has also appeared in television shows like the O.C and Entourage.


She is a smart cookie to having acquired a degree in both political science and French.


However, when it comes to looks, there are not many female poker players in her league.





1. Shannon Elizabeth


Ok, so Shannon may not be the most accomplished poker player on the list, however she has in fact won a major woman’s poker title and in our book that qualifies her.


Besides, this is the top 5 hottest female poker players; it is not the top 5 best poker players.


She is hot, and can and has played poker at the top level.


Is there anyone hotter that has played at that level, according to us…NO!