The Top Five Phil Hellmuth Televised Blow Ups!


Love him or hate him, Phil Hellmuth is one of  the most successful poker players of all time, having won more than $20 million in his life time and a record amount of World Series Of Poker bracelets. However, he also stands and the top of the rankings for having the most poker blowups.

He hates losing, as we all do, yet he more than anyone cannot take defeat gracefully. He just wouldn’t be Phil Hellmuth without his crying though, which is why we have decided to trawl through hundreds of his outbursts to bring you his top five.

Hellmuth Versus Dragomir!

Hellmuth gets beaten by a 10-7, which results in one of his biggest blow ups to date. The players at the table seem to enjoy every minute of it too, which just makes him even angrier. He oversteps the mark with his name calling, but he certainly keeps us entertained.


Hellmuth Versus Annie Duke!

Hellmuth completely loses his cool after becoming disgruntled that players are talking whilst he is making a big decision on whether to call the bet made by Annie Duke. He believe that he cannot utilise his “reading abilities” whilst everyone is laughing and talking. Classic!


Hellmuth Versus Dwan!

Phil Hellmuth and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan play heads up, with Hellmuth having his pocket aces busted by his opponent. This sets Hellmuth off, with both players displaying a large amount of ego. Both players are massive in the world of poker with Hellmuth trying to lay down some truths to the young pretender to his crown.


Hellmuth Versus Brandon!

Hellmuth again cannot understand how his opponent was even in the hand with the 7-6, and loses the plot when his opponent rivers the set to beat out his pocket nines. Hellmuth has always played by the book, yet he expects his opponents to do so too. That is never going to be the case, despite how much Hellmuth wishes it would happen. Without loose players, the game of poker would become very boring indeed.


Hellmuth Versus Baxter!

Hellmuth loses fair and square yet goes off on one of his rants despite being outplayed by an opponent with a stronger hand than his.


That wraps up this week’s top five, with us now already thinking about what we can bring you next week. These top fives are just our way of adding a little bit of fun to the world of poker, so make sure you come back next week to see what we throw up next.