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The Unseen Heroes At The 2013 PCA

The Unseen Heroes At The 2013 PCA

We are now less than a week away from the tenth edition of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, with the event being hosted again on the idyllic Paradise Island of the Bahamas. You can be sure that some players are already there as we speak; taking some time out to enjoy what really is a marvelous location.

They will also be there early because the very first event to kick off proceedings is actually a very big one, well for the biggest stakes players in the world anyway.

The first event is the $100k buy-in Super High Roller which will get the PCA off to a big start, with some of the biggest names in poker set to take a gamble to see if they can come back with a sizeable payout. We are obviously not expecting a huge field in this event, simply because there are not that many players that can afford a buy-in as large as that, however you know that the players it does attract will be of the highest quality.

However, despite a small field in that event, the PCA is going to be attracting literally thousands of players, players that have to be accommodated by the staff at PokerStars.

This event is like no other in that the respect that this is not being put on by a casino or card room and everything will be ready to go as soon as everybody gets there. This event has to literally be built from scratch every year. When PokerStars arrives on the scene, there is so much that has to be done to turn a blank canvas into a space to accommodate all of these players during the events.

There is the broadcasting element that has to be set up, the banking facilities any back office operations on top of a whole host of other tasks. One such task is finding accommodation for nine thousand nights of stay in total, which means a lot of pre-thought and hard graft.

Once everything is laid out and the guests have had their accommodation sorted out there is then the issue of managing and coordinating more than a hundred dealers and of course floor staff. They would have had to find the best dealers the world over, with any dealer worth his salt already knowing that getting a gig such as the PCA is something you never say no to.

All in all, whilst most of us will just sit back and watch the action being streamed live on the internet, we simply do not understand just how much work and how many people it takes to put on an event of this magnitude.


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