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WSOP Main Event – Merson Wins Poker’s Biggest Title

WSOP Main Event  – Merson Wins Poker’s Biggest Title

After a mammoth session of more than 13 hours, the World Series Of Poker Main Event is now finally over, the triumphant winner being Greg Merson. After a mammoth session between the final three players, where each of them held the chip lead on a number of occasions, Merson was the player who walked away with an astonishing $8,531,853 and more importantly, the prestigious bracelet.

As the day started, Greg Merson, Jesse Sylvia and Jake Balsiger walked back to the felt to take part in what would probably be the most memorable day in their lives. Merson was the chip leader at the start of play, but if he thought he had it won there, he was severely mistaken.

The battle went on and on with players doubling up each time they were sure to be eliminated, it really did make for an excellent final three, each of the players can be proud of their performances.

Balsiger Out In 3rd!

As we reached the 282nd hand of the day, we had our first elimination, with the very impressive Jake Balsiger being the man to go. The hand happened when Sylvia raised to $4 million from the button, and Balsiger decided to push all of his chips into the middle to a total of 20.3 million.

Sylvia folded but Merson called holding the Kc-Qs whilst Balsiger held the Qh-10d, the community cards fell as 6s-6d-6c (ominous considering its Halloween)-Jc-5h.

Balsiger was eliminated and fell short of becoming the youngest ever player to win the WSOP Main Event by two places, he still earned $3,799,073 for his troubles though.

Heads Up!

As we went into heads up, Merson had a big lead but Sylvia still had a large enough stack to do damage with. With Balsiger’s elimination out of the way, it seemed that both players would now be satisfied enough with either result as Sylvia was eliminated in the very same level as Balsiger.

Merson started the final hand by raising to four million from the button, Slyvia raised another 9.5 million and Merson pushed all-in. Sylvia thought for a while, but made the call, he was holding the Qs-Js compared to the Kd-5d of Merson.

This had the rail on their feet, with supporters for both players calling out. The board ran out 9d-6c-3h-6s-7c giving Merson the 2012 WSOP Main Event title, bracelet and winners cheque of $8,531,853. Showing great respect, Merson was very quick to usher his fans away for a minute when they rushed towards him so that he could shake the hand of his opponent.

Both sets of fans joined in too with chants of “Jesse, Jesse, Jesse” to applaud the runner up on his valiant efforts. Sylvia won $5,295,149 as well as a lot of plaudits for the way that he played.

The Final Standings:

1 Greg Merson $8,531,853

2 Jesse Sylvia $5,295,149

3 Jake Balsiger $3,799,073

4 Russell Thomas $2,851,537

5 Jeremy Ausmus $2,155,313

6 Andras Koroknai $1,640,902

7 Michael Esposito $1,258,040

8 Robert Salaburu $971,360

9 Steve Gee $754,798





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