Theo and his pal Mr. 2, 2, 3 in a Hysterical Blog

theo jorgensen in wsop

Going on the road with the money and the cards is sure to put a boot in your back at some point and Theo Jorgensen has given us a little taste of what that means. The casino life and especially the city of Las Vegas are all places where you can easily get carried away with the whole theme of living the high life, getting wound in by all kinds of bad influences and essentially losing sleep over it.

Mr 2, 2, 3 is Jorgensen’s pal’s new nickname for the number of hours of sleep he managed to get in during the first 3 days on their latest visit to Sin City. Jorgensen explains how things can go very wrong if you don’t change up or change it up too much, and just maybe his trip to Vegas was the final chip on the table that sparked off this tremendous account, after twice in a row Theo was going strong in a major tournament until his friend left town and shortly afterwards Theo was hitting the rails.

It started in the Berlin EPT back in the Spring season when the PokerStars Pro was well up there on the chip leader board while his friend was on the rails having fun. Once his support left, Theo took a slump and sharply exited the tournament. Next up was the WSOP, and Theo was out in front again in the main event holding onto a stack of chips that put him in the top 20.  Mr 2, 2, 3 was off again and left Theo with his towering stack. As if the EPT Berlin had come back to bite Theo in the backside he rumbled his chip stack, but in the wrong direction and once again he was back in the reality of his surroundings with no chips in front of him.

Theo had taken the trip to Vegas with a group of friends all in it for the adventure. No gambling was on the cards and no poker for Theo’s companions along for the ride all of them, just looking to have fun and experience the fun Sin City tastes away from the norm of the tables and slots that most visitors land in the city to exploit or to be exploited by! Mr 2, 2, 3 was previously talking about all the restaurants in Vegas he could visit and how the food would be great, but in reality he ended up eating several drunken meals in Holstein.

The ironic thing is that when Mr 2, 2, 3 was around, Theo couldn’t put a foot wrong. He’s won 13 football bets and in his poker never lost a coin flip or made the wrong decision. In the EPT his friend even said he would hang around because superstition had it that the vibe between these two was giving Theo the boost he needed. As soon as his friend left it was curtains. In the WSOP his friend reminded Theo of Berlin, but it was fine, until Mr 2, 2, 3 left and once again Theo crashed within an hour and twenty.

Superstition is out there and Theo may need his friend around in future and by the sound of it, if Mr 2, 2, 3 is on the rails Theo’s table, he should keep a close eye out as they could be seeing their chips floating in the wrong direction.