About Time! – Negreanu’s Latest Rant (vid)

Dwan, Negreanu

We knew it was coming after he was the first high profile victim of the new first card rule implemented by the TDA and now it is here. The latest rant created and released by Daniel Negreanu himself.

He had already confirmed after the situation had occurred that he would be sharing his views in a video.

In a longer than usual rant he explains why he doesn’t feel that the ruling is good for the game of poker and is against the way the rule was introduced. He discusses how the rule has taken some of the fun out of the game and turned it a little bit too serious. He believes that any ruling should be aimed at making the game more fun for amateur players. He then talks about the game in general and which direction he believes it should be going. Well, without spoiling it all for you, take a look for yourself.

It has been quite a long time coming for this latest rant but better late than never. Negreanu has always been the type of person that likes to air any frustrations or views and we wouldn’t like it any other way to be honest.