Is it time to quit playing poker?


Most poker tips tell you how to improve your skills at poker. Yet, tips that suggest quitting poker are scarce. After all, you are visiting a website about poker, which means you are interested in playing poker. Why should you want to quit? What’s more, why should the website advise you to quit and never come back?

Since you are searching for tips, I bet you are losing money

Isn’t it true that if you were making money, you wouldn’t search for poker tips? Why would you, expect for the fact that you may be looking for new trends in poker playing styles, so that you’d be better prepared?

So, you are losing money. That’s the most important reason to quit playing poker!

Now, I am not saying to quit poker and never look back! But before you study and watch instructional poker videos, you will be less and less confident each time you are sitting at a poker table. And confidence is paramount in poker. Weak and scared players will always lose money, no matter their skill level.

Quitting poker due to time schedule

By the time you spend some time at poker rooms’ lobbies, you will quickly find out that peak times are in the evening. Since Black Friday events, poker rooms dry up at about 4-5AM, although they were once pretty active till 10AM European time.

Thus, you need to sit down and play poker late at night, if you want to make the most, taking advantage of the softest competition available around the clock. Assuming you also have a day job, your employer would not appreciate seeing you tired in the morning. Not to mention your bad mood due to your last night’s bad poker performance.

Things can get even worse when it comes to online poker tournaments. Major tournaments take place on Sundays and if you are based in Europe, expect some sleepless nights. Yes, you may be getting the first prize at about 9AM worth a 4-month salary, but granted, most of the times you will be losing and 1 out of 5 tournaments you will just win your buy-in back. At 2 or 3AM. And for that to happen, you would have been playing poker since 9PM!

Are you a family guy? When are you going to spend time with your family, if not on a Sunday evening?

Quitting playing poker to be creative and focus on other endeavors

By playing poker, you have developed a mentality that can be advantageous in other fields of expertise. Take money management for example. Return-on-Investment and capital management are already familiar terms, when you are starting out your new business. You know how to manage your money, how to cut losses and take advantage of every tiny edge. You know that you need to exploit every weakness of the competition you are facing with.

Building a new business is a lot more creative than playing poker. Some poker players get fed up with the long hours not producing anything, not being creative at all. Even writing for poker is more creative than playing poker! Well, that is my main reason I have quit playing poker! That, and because I am losing money.